Stay high in dry January with Blue Dream strain

Holy Shinobi, Batman! Leafly HighLight has entered its third year of celebrating American dispensaries' all-star strains. The Leafly HighLight Hall of Flame now has 24 entries!

So where do we take it from here? Well, let's go back and find another top 200 strain on pharmacy shelves that you need to know about. Just in time for the new beginning, we are starting with the undisputed sales champion, which is also perfect for a relaxed return to the working year: Blue Dream.

Newcomers – discover Blue Dream's balanced hybrid effects that won't upset you. Experienced smokers – don't even hate it. Respect the scoreboard. There's a reason it's the #1 most ordered flavor on Leafly in December. A population larger than the island of Guam has made Blue Dream their favorite on Leafly.

This classic '90s hybrid of Blueberry x Haze from DJ Short relieves anxiety without sacrificing your energy or focus. Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, Blue Dream offers the Cali Sober solution to the stressors of dry January.

Leafly reviewers report that the Haze hybrid makes them feel creative, exhilarating, and energetic. Samples of this variety smell like a real blueberry when ground – which is the damnedest thing.

One reviewer writes: “Suddenly I felt like I was floating briskly on a warm cloud, which was followed by an amazing burst of energy. Guys, let me tell you: If you ever want to find out what an eagle feels like when it spreads its majestic wings and flies into the air at 80 miles per hour, then this strain is a great tool to get you there .”

Who has Blue Dreams? Best Blue Dreams in the USA

(David Downs/Leafly)(David Downs/Leafly)

An undisputed beast in the garden, Blue Dream blankets the land in gentle, grassy blueberry scents. However, quality varies – which explains why Blue Dream has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 after more than 14,500 reviews.

Blue Dream is often seen on e-cigarette cartridges and crops, which don't always show off the classic. For Californian brands like Ember Valley and Korova, growing premium Blue Dream is a labor of love.

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In December we bought the amazing Blue Dream California grown by Seven Leaves at Moe Greens in San Francisco. The Dream brand defied all critics and exhibited at Ego Clash 2023 with phenomenal glasses from Blue Dream, which stood right next to the hype varieties Uva and Cherry Gas.


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Pax sells it in a live rosin capsule while Raw Garden sells it in live resin.

Portlanders in Oregon have 353 Blue Dream options with a gram value of $3. In Seattle, there are 656 options and Have a Heart alone sells 34 Blue Dream SKUs.
Denverites in Colorado have 313 options, including joints starting at $5 and aphrodisiac edible love beans. Chicagoan have 249 Blue Dream options – almost all shopping carts. Detroiter have 126 options – mostly shopping carts. Even newly legal new Yorker have 103 Blue Dream options, including the gold standard Pax Live Rosin capsule.

Blue Dream seeds

Blue Dream Bx ended late on October 4th in Sebastopol, California.  (David Downs/Leafly)Blue Dream Bx ended late on October 4th in Sebastopol, California. (David Downs/Leafly)

The Blue Dream seed game is available for free worldwide and gardeners can choose from outlets across the reputable spectrum.

We would look at DJ Short's Blueberry work on SeedsHereNow or the Humboldt Seed Company's feminized or autoflowering Blue Dream. We bred Blue Dream Bx from Equilibrium Genetics and it was worth it!

Keep this poster with notable Haze family members and friends.  (Leafly, 2021)Keep this poster with notable Haze family members and friends. (Leafly, 2021)

See also: Blue Dream seeds from North Atlantic, Blimburn and Fast Buds. For crosses, check out this Lemon Trance and this Andorian.

Blue Dream Awards

Strain-specific ediblesImage courtesy of Lost Farm.

Like a weed-Lebron James, King Blue Dream keeps racking up wins in the hot 2020s. A Blue Dream took bronze in Maryland in 2023. A Blue Dream Live rosin capsule with diamonds from PAX won gold in 2022. A Blue Dream HHC pen from 3CHI won for the first time in 2022. Blue Dream Live resin gummies from Kiva/Camino/Lost Farm took gold in 2020 and silver in 2021. The victories go back decades: 2014, 2017 and beyond.


All Cannabis Cup 2023 winners and where to buy them

Blue Dream terpenes

Where does the smell of Blue Dream come from? The average results of laboratory samples labeled “Blue Dream” indicate high levels of myrcene as well as pinene and caryophyllene. We see the same top 3 terps in Blueberry and its cousins ​​and vape juice formulations.

More highlights in January

Already bored with Blue Dream? Here are three other popular variations to stick to your fitness goals in 2024.

Lemon Thai

Lemon Thai from UpNorth.  (David Downs/Leafly)Lemon Thai from UpNorth. (David Downs/Leafly)

Add some Lemon Thai – a citrusy sativa with a similar mild flavor to Blue Dream – to make it even more old-fashioned and energetic. A cross between Thai and Hawaiian.


A photo of Mimosa (David Downs/Leafly)Mimosa. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Keep your Cali Sober going with the balanced Sunday morning strain Mimosa – the perfect mix of orange and zing. A cross between Clementine and Purple Punch.

Animal face

Fig farms animal face.  Hybrid.  (David Downs/Leafly)Fig farms animal face. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Attention all gas lovers – smoke this before doing any strength training. So say goodbye to boredom when you put on your minty, bold Animal Face. A cross between Face-off OG and Animal Mints.

And this is the January 2024 Leafly HighLight. We're looking forward to a huge year celebrating the all-stars of the cannabis cosmos, so download the app and put the weed in the basket.

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