State governments begin banning Delta-8 THC. Be careful!

Delta-8 THC is quickly becoming an ubiquitous compound. While this may look good, it is worrying. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about this connection. With many concerns about the production, labeling and marketing strategy of this compound.

Colorado recently banned the sale of Delta 8 THC products, and other states like Vermont have already taken it off their shelves.

Delta-8 THC is made commercially by various companies. Each company has its own technique for producing d8 isolates. These techniques are unregulated and in most cases no third-party testing is done. For this reason, some companies introduce unhealthy compounds like heavy metals in the manufacture of these isolates.

This poses a great risk to consumers who constantly buy foods containing delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol. Not to forget that these items can be found almost everywhere. In addition, manufacturers and suppliers actively market these products.

The question remains: “How safe are these products?”

The marketers don’t seem to know, and neither do the sellers. If they do this, they are not giving any proof.

Four weeks ago, Josh Swider warned about the ingredients in Delta-8 THC, its production techniques, and other unknowns.

He is a chemist whose aim it is to acquire a considerable knowledge of how science works. He is very knowledgeable about the medicinal properties and benefits of cannabis and is always looking for deeper knowledge on the subject.

For this reason, he is inclined to know why there is limited amount of research and how public awareness there is of Delta-8 infused products.

It’s worth noting that he’s one of the co-founders of Chemical Analysis Labs, also known as Infinite CAL. CAL was founded in 2016 by Mr. Swider and chemist David Merlius.

The company’s mission statement is: “To provide the cannabis industry with accurate and timely analytical services of the highest quality while meeting or exceeding their customers’ expectations.”

In an interview a few weeks ago, Josh Swider stated that he was not a lawyer and that WHO guidelines for making Delta-8 were not clear enough.

The synthesis of one cannabinoid to another is classified as illegal by the World Health Organization.

On the one hand we have “synthesis” and on the other hand “transformation”.

According to the Oxford dictionary, conversion is the process of changing the form, character, or function of a compound. Whereas synthesis is the process of making a new chemical compound from simpler materials through chemical reactions.

However, this is not so clear.

Only an accomplished chemist can understand the WHO paper on the synthesis of cannabinoids. An uninformed person would be confused with the terminology used in it.

Mr. Swider also clarified that there are several ways to convert CBD to Delta-8, but none of these methods can give a 100% yield of pure Delta-8 isolates. The issue always comes out with an unknown variety of links. The percentage of these unknown compounds varies depending on the method used.

The WHO can instead point out efficient and cleaner ways to isolate Delta-8 from these cannabinoids.

Because organizations are typically tasked with identifying the unknown compounds and determining how to separate them from the d-8 isolates they need. The problem now is that instead of looking for ways to separate these strangers, multiple companies are instead voiding their presence …

Hence, the ubiquitous consumables are filled with unhealthy compounds that can be found all over the market.

For example, when converting CBD and the result is 70% Delta-8 THC and 30% unknown. The chemist is supposed to convert these unknowns into a purer product. The 30% unknowns can make or damage a product.

Josh pointed out that he had no discrimination regarding the Delta-8 connection. To see some people preparing it efficiently. However, there are questions about production techniques that need clarification.

Commercial manufacturers of these isolates only endeavor to produce them in good time and to quantify them sufficiently. Setting aside the health and safety of the consumer.

All consumables must be tested efficiently and their quality adjusted to the consumption.

Nowadays, these companies claim they are running tests. However, there are many doubts about the genuity of these test sites. Not to mention the authenticity of the results obtained. These companies seem to be maintaining profit versus ethics when it should be the other way around. It is quite absurd that these test results should not be questioned.

During the interview, Josh reiterated that his biggest problem regarding the Delta-8 issue is primarily public safety.

Unlike delta-9-THC, delta-8-THC is naturally rare. It can be found in some plants in very limited quantities. The procedure for extracting this compound is also complex. Suffix to say these chemical processes are necessary to produce d8 isolates.

There is currently no way to generally classify these products as “safe”.

Some tips to follow before and after purchasing these products are:

  • Talk to a doctor to make sure it is safe

  • Take small doses of a product right away

  • Call the manufacturer’s company for inquiries.

  • Check out other reviews on the internet

  • Fish and laboratory tests of the product before use

Licensed Delta-8 products have labels that state such as: Do not operate heavy machinery if you are unsure of the effects of the product.

All of these and other safety measures should be followed to ensure that the medicine is fit for consumption and to ensure that the consumer is safe after use.

It has been shown that the forced reactions involved in converting CBD to Delta-8 isolates yield unknown compounds.

To determine the purity of these products, tests are required to first determine the exact composition of these unknowns.

While further research is carried out, the reactions leading to unknowns could be discovered and corrected.

In addition to professional laboratories, several do-it-yourselfers are working on these conversions.

Before purchasing your Delta 8 THC products, do some informative research about the brand and product.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Stay safe and don’t give in, wave while you wave the warning flag too!







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