Sore Throat From Smoking Weed? (We found the solution!)

(Here is the solution)

Interested in finding workable solutions to help you with the raw and itchy feelings you have in your throat after smoking weed?

This article is for you.

Toking can be very frustrating and unsatisfactory when it leads to irritating symptoms in a user’s throat. These symptoms include a persistent cough, a scratchy voice, and a painful and dry sore throat.

The incidence of this irritation may vary depending on the type of cannabis smoked or the user’s tolerance to the irritant that is common in this situation. Smoke.

Several weed smokers have been discontinued due to the painful sore throat that occurred almost immediately after smoking a stick or two. It affects not only recreational cannabis smokers, but medical patients who use marijuana to relieve the symptoms of their ailments. In fact, some users had to stop using medicinal cannabis due to the developed sore throat. What the majority of users don’t know is that there are other ways you can try to relieve your sore throat and still get a chance to smoke even more. In this article, we are going to go into in depth everything you need to know about this topic and how to deal with it. Continue reading!

When a person smokes, it results in a dry mouth and throat. This is because toxic chemicals are inhaled along with the tar present in the hot and dry air. These particles can irritate the throat. Research by the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIH) has found that the smoke inhaled while smoking cannabis contains “carcinogenic combustion products”. This is reason enough for users to develop a sore throat.

While the user can keep smoking if the throat is sore and irritated, it is not advisable to do so unless they take care of the irritation.

If you are a new user or have just recently developed the irritation to a new strain and feel helpless … don’t fret.

To help you with this, I’ve rounded up some solutions that can help relieve your sore throat and other symptoms the next time you smoke this unique strain

Drink enough

Smoking dehydrates the throat and mouth – that is, it draws in and dries out the moisture that these tissues need.

Water is lifeā€¦

Consumption of at least the recommended daily amount of H2O is required for regular smokers. However, you will need almost 50% of the recommended amount.

Smoking for hours without drinking water or any other liquid made up of lots of water can be very bad. The healthy lining of the throat is stripped off when moisture is not available. Hence, the painful pain in the throat as well as the croaking voice developed.

Regardless of the amount of smoking you plan on, stay hydrated with water.

So before you smoke – drink water,

while smoking – drink water,

Drink water immediately after smoking.

Avoid spicy foods

Smoking marijuana results in a healthy appetite in experienced smokers. They either long for more pot or for food.

In this situation, you need to do well to avoid spicy meals for a sore throat.

The acidic nature of these hot spices could make inflammation worse. Chili peppers, hot sauces, and even nutmeg should be avoided.

Rather, you should only eat and enjoy soothing meals. Like ramen, tomato juices and other soothing sauces can help relieve pain and boost the immune system.

While it is common for you to crave more weeds after smoking, eating these calming meals will help satisfy your cravings in some way.

So if you want to smoke, make sure your fridge is stocked with your favorite non-spicy dishes. Ice is also a better option if your throat stings after smoking.

Gargle with warm salt water

Saltwater gargle is an old but golden solution to throat infections. It is also an efficient solution for relieving sore throats.

Although it has bad taste, the relief it offers is well worth it.

You just need to warm up a little water, add a maximum of 5 tablespoons of salt and stir until the salt dissolves. Then gargle for at least 30 seconds before spitting out the water and gargling another one. Keep going until you feel better. The results can be viewed in a few minutes or a few hours at the most.

For cannabis users who tend not to smoke at home or in a place where they can easily access salt and tap water, they usually carry around a chloraseptic spray – which works just like salt water.

Reduce the amount of cannabis used

This doesn’t mean you should quit cold turkey (that’s a bad idea). This means that you should reduce the number of sticks you smoke. However, if the sore throat turns out to be very bad, you may need to take a few days off. This would give the throat time to recover rather than degenerate into more serious problems.

By reducing how much or how often you smoke, you will help your neck tissues and sinuses stay hydrated and less irritated.

Other solutions include;

Lick honey or lemon.

Drink soothing herbal tea with fruits

Avoid caffeine or energy drinks

Change your usual place of smoking to a more airy place.

Buy a vaporizer or humidifier to help remove stale dry air in your homes.

Try another method of using cannabis – vaping and consuming food.

Vaping: This is an unobtrusive way to enjoy the effects of the cannabinoid in a strain of marijuana. It’s also healthier as it doesn’t inhale dry / hot air. Though you may still ingest a little tar.

Edibles: Not everyone feels like smoking. Food is food product that has been infused with an active cannabinoid – it can be THC, CBD, or both. It’s the healthiest way to ingest weeds – no risk of breathing problems if they get high.

If you’ve adjusted and tried every solution in this article and your throat has still not recovered – it still hurts and the pain persists – this could be an indication of an underlying medical condition. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible.





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