Sometimes I get up and wonder if 2 Chainz ever got their Bentley truck

Sometimes I get high is a series about the activities you do or the things you think about when you are in high detail for fun.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was freshly stoned from blobs while my apartment was a mess. I knew I had to clean, but being high in my head was just shy to motivate me to get off the couch. I needed music. Something positive that would take me from my high numb to productivity. I told Siri to shuffle my music library and the first song played was none other than 2 Chainz ‘hit “Bentley Truck”.

Immediately I had a strong urge to grab my broom and cleaner and head into town from my apartment, but when I got up to get started I was overwhelmed by an even stronger sense of déjà vu. A little about 2 Chainz rapping the words “Bentley Truck” left me deep in reverie and vague familiarity. I didn’t think about cleaning anymore, dust bunnies are damned. I grabbed my laptop and started browsing the internet – I needed to know where this feeling was coming from. I felt like one of the goonies.

Shortly after my search, I came across a YouTube clip from Hannibal Burress’ latest stand-up special Miami Nights (2020), in which the comedian brought up exactly the topic that was burning in my head. My déjà vu was confirmed: “Bentley Truck” was hardly the first time that 2 Chainz had knocked over the vehicle.

Burress started by telling an episode he did with 2 Chainz for Viceland’s Most Expensive Sh * t, in which Burress asked 2 Chainz a seriously important question that I never knew was on my head until I did heard him ask her, “Do you feel? Pressure to wear multiple chains all the time? “Hard shit right there. 2 Chainz ‘answer to Burress? “Hold your high ass.”

A disappointing distraction, no doubt, but perhaps the pressure he felt from wearing multiple chains all the time was too great to bear talking about. Unfortunately we will never know.

Burress went on to talk about 2 Chainz and the Bentley truck, which reminded me why I had started my research in the first place. He recited the lyrics from 2 Chainz ‘feature film in Wales’ song “Get Me Doe” (2012):

“Long hair, I don’t give a fuck / I prayed last night that God would build a Bentley truck.”

I laughed in disbelief – I was right to feel that 2 Chainz had mentioned the Bentley truck several times. And that line suggested that 2 Chainz wanted a Bentley truck so badly that he got on his knees and asked God Himself to make one for him. But Burress wasn’t finished yet. Next he played another clip, this one from 2 Chainz ‘film in Young Jeezy’s song “SupaFreak” (2011):

“Lying in bed and I still have my semi hidden / going online like ‘if they go’ do this Bentley truck?”

I am amazed. The divine, materialistic story of 2 Chainz and the Bentley truck goes back almost a decade. For 10 years, 2 Chainz has been waiting and praying to God that Bentley will build a truck.

There was only one question left in my high-profile mind: Did 2 Chainz ever get their Bentley truck?

First, I had to find out if Bentley had ever built a truck, and of course I found out that Bentley debuted the Bentayga SUV in January 2015 and has been in the market ever since. Today the Bentayga is commonly referred to as the “Bentley Truck”. The newest Bentayga, the New Bentayga, is the most adaptable, powerful and technologically intelligent Bentley truck imaginable. There was no question in my THC-laden brain that 2 Chainz took it in as soon as it was available.

When 2 Chainz said he was waiting for this Bentley truck and 2 months later they posted promotional pictures for the truck, it became a legend.

– 🇭🇹 $ DL Ashin ‘Kusher🇭🇹 (@_aresRx) April 25, 2012

In a 2019 article on, I found that the eight most formidable cars in 2 Chainz ‘tricked-out automotive repertoire didn’t include a Bentley truck. I was confused. Why shouldn’t 2 Chainz use God’s answers to his prayers? I still believed I just needed evidence.

So I searched keyword by keyword, but the only connection between 2 Chainz and the Bentayga seemed to be through its – now possibly empty – texts. But 2 Chainz is a man obsessed with the Bentley truck. Of course, he must have been one of the first to get it off the tape on the first debut … Right? No A 2016 TMZ article reported that none other than Meek Mill – not 2 Chainz – bought the Bentayga straight off the line for a cool $ 380,000. I couldn’t and can’t get over it. Where the hell was 2 Chainz? Didn’t anyone call him?

As it turned out, he was on his tour bus. 2 Chainz told Complex in a 2012 interview that he had decided to give up driving himself and took advice from Nelly, who had told him to use the money he wanted to get a Bentley truck to get one Buy a tour bus. I didn’t take the ending of this story well. “Bentley Truck” is a joke; It’s a spectral, hollow song full of materialistic lies. Why pray to god Why rap over a truck that you obviously didn’t really want? I’ve been sitting on this freezing crap for weeks now.

I still haven’t cleaned my apartment and I’m not sure I’ll ever do that.

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