Snoop Dogg’s right blunt roller is a woman

Renegade Piranha is a homemade blunt roller to the stars. Other clients include Kid Cudi, Jadakiss, Drake, Madonna, Rihanna and JR Smith. Oh, and Elon Musk’s infamous smoking meme? She rolled the blunt.

When you smoke as much weed as Snoop Dogg, it makes sense to outsource the chores of smoking to a proven professional. In fact, Snoop told Howard Stern in 2019 that he employed a full-time blunts and joints clerk to satisfy his appetite for a steady stream of microwaved blunts and joints each day. He even adjusted the salary for inflation.

In an interview with Australian podcast The Kyle and Jackie O Show a few weeks ago and a chat with Yarmacrazy on his podcast The Review with Yarma & Friends earlier this year, this mystery role has officially revealed itself as the Renegade Piranha. Aside from rolling for Snoop and an A-list list of celebrities, she has also started a ‘Blunt Bar’ business to supply high-end events with carefully crafted smoking goods, including parties for Diddy and for Violas Founder Al Harrington.

How to hire rolling blunts for Snoop

Piranha told Kyle and Jackie that she got the job in 2016 through a mutual friend who grew with Snoop’s cannabis soil company, Snoop’s Premium Nutrients. They wanted to gift Snoop weed grown with his product, rolled and ready to blow up.

In order to be accepted into Snoop’s inner circle, she had to show her stuff in a roll-off with two other competitors, including an audio engineer who came on Snoop’s recommendation.

“I smoked them, to say the least,” she told Yarma in May. “So from that day on, I was the first blunt roller on the planet. Blunt roller to the stars.”

450,000 connections and counting

She estimates she’s rolled close to half a million joints for her various A-list clients to date.

This week, a few outlets sensationally and misreported their soundbites, making it appear as if Snoop was smoking all those joints alone. The Dogg himself responded to one of those headlines in a disappointingly misogynist Instagram post, saying: “Bitch cheating on you man [sic].” Snoop also wrote to Piranha, “Stop lying… what am I, a fucking machine?”

Piranha told TMZ this week that she doesn’t speak to Snoop regularly, and she feels terrible that the misrepresented quote spread like wildfire. She called it a huge disservice to herself and Snoop and blamed clicks on the media running the story.

Online drama aside, the gig sounds like a dream, right? Despite the celebrity access and VIP rooms she’s in, Piranha insists it’s still work and shouldn’t be discounted. She is also a rapper and singer and, as an Iranian-American woman, acknowledges how fortunate she is to be able to do what she loves.

“It’s very professional, it’s professional blunt rolling. product is introduced; It is carried out and delivered in a very disinfected, clean way. It’s not about hanging out with people,” she told Yarma. And no, she doesn’t spit on her blunts.

While I’m not at all surprised that a woman has gained Snoop’s trust to direct his day-to-day cannabis activities, some men just can’t give her the props she deserves, and I’m disheartened by Snoop’s quickness to believe that she’s doing things makes up for clout. In a recent interview with No Jumper (Barf), host Nick “Lush” Hyams had the audacity to undermine her talent and disregard her autonomy.

“You don’t have handles, you can’t roll,” he says less than two minutes into her interview. “When she says she raps, she puts her mouth around it,” he continued, referring to his crotch.

Rising above misogyny in the marijuana game

Piranha was quick to silence her ignorant interviewer, even dissinging him in an impromptu freestyle, saying, “I’ve got rings, come on, I’ll leave a mark on you.” According to the podcast hosts, these were all jokes, but I’m honestly something against men being blatantly misogynistic and calling it comedy or ribs.

The cannabis industry, like any other, often limits women. A new diversity report by MJBiz showed stagnant growth for minority leaders in the cannabis space, both women and ethnic minorities. As a member of both groups, piranha are likely constantly brushing off similar microaggressions. With many well-known cannabis brands adopting a “boys only” or “good old boys” mentality, Piranha’s homemade dream is truly incredible.

Being able to monetize a skill and create a platform as an immigrant is no small feat. While I much prefer the interviews she’s conducted with respectful hosts, she left the guys at No Jumper with some awesome smoke to ponder.

“I’m a woman’s dream. Women have died trying to be comfortable, wishing they could be easy. I may not change the world, but I promise Renegade will light some kind of fire in one of these women.”

Renegade Piranha

Amelie Williams

New York-based freelance cannabis journalist Amelia Williams is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s journalism program and a former budtender. Williams has contributed to GreenState, MG Magazine, Culture Magazine and Cannabis Now, Kirkus Reviews and The Bold Italic of the San Francisco Chronicle.

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