Seth Rogen’s houseplant appears in 17 California stores

Just in time for a small 4/20 pleasure, the fine Houseplant cannabis line from Stoner icon Seth Rogen has reached selected Californian stores.

On Thursday, April 15th, Houseplant’s three flavors – Pancake Ice, Diablo Wind, and Pink Moon – debuted in 17 chic retail stores across California.

Houseplant first introduced in Canada a year ago. Rogen brought the brand to California by partnering with high-end indoor herb producers and choosing a few personal favorites.

Diablo Wind is a day cross of Jack Herer and G13 Haze. Pancake Ice is a tough Chemdog that is crossed with tangerine cookies. And Pink Moon is a mix of Kosher Kush and Tangie.

Houseplant turned out to be fresh, fragrant and fine. Our only problem was the seal on the pretty cans, from which precious aroma escaped.


Seth Rogen’s new houseplant cannabis has been unpacked and checked

The retail launch comes after a small Los Angeles debut in March that crashed the Houseplant website.

“We had a tremendous amount of product available and the speed at which it was devoured surprised us,” said Melissa Greenberg, chief consumer officer.

“Everyone was largely amazed at the size of the nugs, the cans and the quality of the weed,” said Mikey Mohr, CEO of Houseplant.

Houseplant appears at:

All of these places are stylish joints that the relaxed, clean style of Houseplant blends in.

Houseplant executives said they had plenty of herb to sell, but they recognize a predatory demand for the premium varieties.


“We’re enlarging,” said Greenberg. “We’re going to make sure everyone has a phenomenal experience when they open this can.”

Eight ounce of houseplant has a suggested retail price of $ 60, before local sales and taxes, which can be up to 20%. (If you can’t afford it, you don’t get salty. There are a lot of great budget brands in California.

Regarding the lessons from the launch, Houseplant’s Greenberg said the company plans to make its metal and plastic glasses more airtight.

And CEO Mohr said he was expecting new varieties “very, very soon”.

You can send your email address to Houseplant for the latest updates.

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