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Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday aren’t the only big holidays for marijuana fans – hello Green Wednesday

Until around 2010, Black Friday was the mega shopping day of the year. It was a combination of celebratory cheer, mega deals and, at times, an MMA brawl. Stories emerged of fights and chaos as buyers rushed to snap up the best prices. Then online shopping boomed and Cyber ​​Monday became a competitor for gift purchases and deals. But are you ready for Green Wednesday? Yes, the cannabis industry is raging on Green Wednesday.

To be fair, Green Wednesday is the third biggest marijuana shopping day of the year… behind April 20th and Black Friday (right?). BDSA, a leading cannabis data analytics company, shared this information about consumer trends.

“Green Wednesday and Black Friday consistently record the highest increase in cannabis sales of any holiday except the 420th holiday,” said Brendan Mitchel-Chesebro, analyst at BDSA. “These insights are important for retailers looking to optimize their holiday strategies. By preparing for increased customer traffic with more staff and a wide range of popular products, rather than relying on promotions, retailers will win with consumers this holiday season.”

Marijuana is following a trend. The third busiest drinking day of the year was the day before Thanksgiving. Nicknamed “Drinksgiving” or “Blackout Wednesday,” it is becoming an increasingly popular drinking holiday. Poughkeepsie, Boston, Houston, Portland, OR and Wichita, KS are excelling in this new holiday.

On Green Wednesday there was an increase in sales of over 66% on this day. If you want to bring something unique to Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving, you can always bring canned enriched turkey gravy. Yes, things like that exist. But the most popular, according to the BDSA, are gummy bears. The perfect gift for hostesses when you know they’ll enjoy a little relaxing time.

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Not only is there a rush for purchases, some pharmacies also offer special offers – always a plus during the holiday season. To maximize your chance of winning, sign up with your favorite dispensary via email, talk to the budtender in advance of Green Wednesday, and be open to trying new things.

As you prepare for Holy Wednesday, we wish you a relaxing Thanksgiving

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