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Cannabis, by its very nature, is not about looking back. A new year means new varieties, a new crop, and new states opening their floodgates to adult use. 2024 is looking better and better, Leafly Nation, but we think it's also worth taking a look at how far we've come and what impressed us in 2023. We can't move forward without acknowledging what worked and what didn't. Bring us here, right?

That's why we've compiled our most popular stories from 2023 here. We've seen a few trends in our traffic – namely, you all seem to have an interest in optimizing your life with mushrooms, finding the heat when it comes to strains and products, and how to ensure cannabis gives you tasty treats and no tricks. Have you found a new favorite variety or product this year? We hope so. See you in 2024!


If you think the interest in mushrooms came out of nowhere, you haven't been paying attention! Magic mushrooms, psilocybin and other psychedelic plants and substances have a history spanning thousands of years in various civilizations, just like cannabis. As activists and lawmakers in more states and cities work to decriminalize and destigmatize them, there is no limit to the role they will ultimately play in our society and the world at large. If you're feeling lost, these articles are a good place to start.


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Strains and products

As we tally up the ever-growing list of Cannabis Cup and Competition winners of the year, it seems our readers are snobs. Just kidding – you guys just have great taste and refuse to write for anything less. Our Head of Brand Experience and career terp sleuth David Downs has a keen eye for picking winners – many of the strains on his seasonal and monthly lists topped best-of lists, sold out, and won major awards.

Science, lifestyle and politics

Beyond the weed itself, we're pleased that our readership is taking their health seriously and keeping an eye on politics. Cannabis has so much potential, whether as a channel for intimacy or as a tourism draw, and this resonated with readers. And with the map of the United States getting greener every year (welcome, Ohio!), 2024 is sure to push us even higher.

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