President Biden Too Busy To Legalize Cannabis? This is what VP Harris claims

When the Biden administration took over the White House, headlines said it would be a “good time for cannabis.”

Stocks seemed to repeat the sentiment.

However, since the government took office, they have laid off workers for admitting that they have smoked weeds in the past. Kamala Harris reset her “pro-pot stance” to bring it in line with the president’s, and now the whole “weed thing” has been put on the back of Brenner.

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“Honestly, at the moment we were focused on bringing people food, helping them stay in their apartments or at home, getting kids back to school and getting shots in the arms,” ​​she said in an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle. “It was all consuming.”

But – does the legalization of cannabis actually contradict the relief provided by Covid? More importantly: How much “input” does the Biden administration really need to have when it comes to legalization?

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Congress has pondered cannabis regulations for years, regardless of the administration. It’s a bipartisan matter. There is relatively little to nothing President Joe Biden has to do with any law other than signing it when the time comes.

And for that you can just use a robopen.

The only thing that Biden and its administration can do to aid the entire legalization process is very simple indeed and requires virtually no effort.

You just have to support the idea.

Legalizing cannabis can help reduce the damage caused by COVID

We all agree that the state of the world economy is hardest hit by COVID-19. Millions of people have lost their jobs or been laid off due to the pandemic.

One of the few industries that actually thrived during COVID is the cannabis industry. Legalization could serve as a means to boost the economy, provide new jobs for the millions who have lost their jobs, and free up government funds to move things forward.

Of course, providing people with medication is important, but while the government is focused on the obvious health crises …

The economic cluster that will follow will create a real problem.

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As unemployment rises, so does crime and things generally get more dangerous. People tend to revert to their basic survival instincts, which are a “dog-eat-dog” way of life.

Legalizing cannabis could ease the pressure on the economy and give people something different as their ancient methods of making a living have been murdered by COVID.

Cannabis can help keep people healthier and indoors

Not only are cannabis users thinner on average than their non-smoking counterparts, they are also more active and less likely to get sick.

Additionally, cannabis users can chat with enough weed for hours, meaning that if the Biden administration really wanted to keep people indoors, they would legalize home growing.

One would think that Biden Admin would take this opportunity, rather they stand firm in their position.

Why are they so resisting change?

At this point I can no longer speculate. Perhaps Biden really believes that people cannot choose for themselves what they can and cannot consume.

However, this would bring him into conflict with the rest of America. Hell, weeds are more popular than Biden.

Perhaps there are some monetary interests behind the president who don’t want cannabis legalization yet and would prefer him to push against the will of the people in order to maximize profits.

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While we may never know for sure, the longer they hold their position against cannabis, the longer people suffer from the victims of the war – the drug war.

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America presses on

Despite all the opposition, the fact is that cannabis legalization is taking place right now. State by state, country by country, it’s going global.

Senators, congressmen and the like have all said that “regardless of Biden’s opposition” to legalization, they will continue to legislate based on popular will.

COVID has become a blanket excuse for politicians to evade their responsibilities.

The Biden administration is at odds with the rest of the world. You turned the subject around so that people can now see that they are just “more of the same”.

For some people, this is a relief from the orange menace who sat on the throne before Sleepy Joe.

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However, if you remember 2019, the whole world protested against “the same thing”.

The pandemic has brought all of that to a standstill – for now!

But what happens when hunger sets in due to job loss? What happens when people are forced out of their homes and onto the streets due to their inability to maintain their current lifestyle?

Is “the same” still seen as “timely relief from Trump” or will it rekindle the pre-pandemic dissonance that still lingers like a time bomb in the collective minds of the masses?

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