Popseeds 2024 – Part II: Attack of the Sours

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The world's best seeds and clones to grow in 2024

There's a universe in every bud, so let's continue our journey through time and space with Part II of the world's best seeds and clones to grow in 2024, aka Attack of the Sours. Also with purps, tangies, sativas and vintage stuff.

Sour types of diesel

An AJ's Sour Diesel appears.  (David Downs/Leafly)An AJ's Sour Diesel appears. (David Downs/Leafly)

As New York City finally prepares for legalization, expect a rush of sours. We all love Sour Diesel for its sour lime and gas smell and energetic hybrid sativa effects.

At the top of my list of sours to try: Humboldt County-based CHAnetics' entire Lime Sour line, 7 years old, spotted in the cave at Ego Clash 2023 in Mendocino and now online for $100 a pack. Lime Sour consists of Skunktech's Sour D x Lime F5. CHAnetics Weasel's Sour may prove to be the sourest strain, but we're also intrigued by the Zangria and Zoap hybrids.

All your sour things belong to us.  (David Downs/Leafly)All your sour things belong to us. (David Downs/Leafly)

Karma Genetics is keeping the sour flame alive in 2024 with their newest Sour Lemon Mochi – (Mochi x LemonTini) x KG Sour D bx.

If you love sours, it would be foolish to ignore Clearwater Genetics' Sour Diesel crosses with Triangle Kush, Lime OG, Maitai #4 or Pablo's Revenge.


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Pushin' OG Kushes

Sour Diesel and OG Kush are cousins ​​– no doubt about it. If Sour D is lemony, biting and tangy, OG is lemony, biting and relaxing.

Auryn McCafferty, founder and head breeder of Purple City Genetics, said: “We want to see more high-quality OG Kush on the market.”

Preaching. PCG is bringing back “BTY OG” this year – which stands for “better than yours.” And they don't release new OGs lightly.

“BTY OG is one of our favorites and Oaksterdam OG is one of the best performing. BTY has more lemon pine and reminds us of LA. Oaksterdam is a huge yielder, easy to grow and more like tennis balls and fuel and reminds us of Humboldt.”

Full throttle, no brakes.  Humboldt Seed Co All Gas OG.  (Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Co.)Full throttle, no brakes. Humboldt Seed Co All Gas OG. (Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Co.)

“Buy the OG seeds and parts you want to see in the world,” Auryn said.

“We will continue to remove OGs from our archive over the next few years if we get a good response. We have six more cuts in mind that we believe fill out the entirety of this family, so we hope they arrive.”

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The whole world should be able to enjoy All Gas OG from Humboldt Seed Co. – with notes of skunk, orange and pine. It is available feminized and autoflowering.

“Everything about All Gas OG is huge – the plant, the leaves, the flowers and the high. It is a great producer of dense, bright green buds,” writes HSC.

Double OG Chem will complete it in 2023.  (David Downs/Leafly)Double OG Chem will complete it in 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)

Multiple Emerald Cup Award-winning Rebel Grown Seeds returns in 2024 with its Double OG Chem Crusher. We expanded that last year. It hits.

And to move on to the Tangie section – check out Wonderbrett's Byrdseed brand and their Tequila Zee – mix Brett's OZ Kush (Z x OG Kush) with Pineapple OG x Clementine. This is how you stay sober, Cali.

Take me to Tangie

A photo of Mimosa (David Downs/Leafly)Mimosa. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Citrus fruits provide creativity throughout the day and into the evening.

It's a great time to buy legendary clementine seeds directly from Crockett Family Farms in the Sierra Nevada or true mimosa seeds from Symbiotic Genetics in Sacramento. This year, water it even thicker with Lemosa (Str8lemonade x Mimosa V6).

Brian from Crockett Family Farms said younger smokers don't even know anything other than the usual purple candy gas. He predicts more “fruity varieties and real OGs in 2024. Strawberries and Tangies – big wave, bro,” he told Leafly.

Plus, discover the highly regarded Biovortex and its Kurious Orange. It is a cross between Tangerine and his highly prized Black Dog x (Tangerine Haze x Golden Goat).

“Huge plants, super strong, very unique and a great high that ends in early October.”

Auryn McCafferty, founder of Purple City Genetics, on Orange 76

Additionally, PCG is releasing small batches of tester seeds in 2024, such as their popular modern sativa Orange 76, which will be ready on time; unlike other sativas. It's Orange Cookie Dough x Motorbreath15 x Moroccan Peaches.

“Huge plants, super strong, very unique and a great high that ends in early October,” McCafferty said.

Also check out Cel-Ray – Lemon Tree Skorange x GovernMint Oasis – with “a super unique ginger-lemon-pepper terp and a great high that also ends in October.”

Vintage sativa thrills

Spotted in NYC, the slim green Piff Haze.  (David Downs/Leafly)Spotted in NYC, the slim green Piff Haze. (David Downs/Leafly)

Speaking of sativas, add some variety to the cannabis gene pool this year – grow a wild, strange equatorial strain.

Equilibrium Genetics specializes in such fantastic beasts and recommends Maui Bx and Vietnamese x Blueberry. You can have them delivered directly to your home from Leafly in California.

Masonic Seeds, the force of natural selection in Compton, California, is selling a vintage Haze x Colombian x Rainbow Belts this season called Rainbow Escobar.

The Rainbow Escobar package from Masonic Seeds.  (Courtesy of Masonic Seeds)The Rainbow Escobar package from Masonic Seeds. (Courtesy of Masonic Seeds)

Also, try some real old school New York piff haze from Purple City Genetics with the Sango strain.

“We lament the increasing lack of diversity in the gene pool since the end of Prop 215 and continue to look to bring more of our 8-9 week old modern sativas to market that are around 30% testing, pocket attractive and bred. “for production,” McCafferty said.

“We are seeing more and more farms taking the risk of planting some long-flowering sativas as well. We love Sango (Cuban Black Haze x Gush Mints), which tastes like the perfect mix of late '90s New York piff and modern Cali gas.

PCG also offers a Congolese Bubblegum (Bazooka Joe x Black Congo) x Gush Mints, which “has an incredibly high and metallic kick and cedarwood terps, so exotic to the true connoisseur.”

Another one from 16-year-old PCG: Bob Hope (Super Lemon Haze x Durban Biscotti) “looks like purple candy gas but tastes like 90s Dutch herb and has an amazingly balanced sativa high.”

Vintage indica soft drinks

Pure Indica.  (David Downs/Leafly)Pure Indica. (David Downs/Leafly)

Recover from your astral sativas with some vintage indicas. Todd McCormick of Ag Seed Co recommends another edition of his 1983 Purest Indica. We grew it last year and it is such a satisfying reference point for what we talk about when we talk about indicas. This short, squat, icy bush smelled of burnt horseflies and sent us to dreamland. It's upstream from Northern Lights and Todd said it contains a lot of skunk flavor called thiols.

For something more old school, Rebel Grown Seeds in Vermont is releasing Segunku Skunk, an evolution of Adirondack Gold, an ancient Skunk from the Northeast; Proceeds go to a local indigenous tribe.

Additionally, Masonic Seeds brings the 60s hippie path to your gardens with a straightforward Mazar Sherif.

Aged cheese

Before we get started, this year we are providing you with a small sausage board with three types of cheese from our coverage.

On January 27th, Dynasty Genetics released a series of crosses of the famous Exodus Cheese – from the English rave commune of the 90s. For fun we hosted Super Silver Cheese '98.

Equilibrium Genetics unites two continents in its African Cheese.

More Modern – Masonic Seeds offers a Cheese Romulan that will amaze you.

And a handful of purps

Rest in the Harz, Frenchi Cannoli.  (David Downs/Leafly)Rest in the Harz, Frenchi Cannoli. (David Downs/Leafly)

Finally, we conclude Part II with two Purps – another old school flavor that everyone would love to see come back.

Equilibrium Genetics offers an Urkle BIP worth adding to your library.

Meanwhile, CHA honors the legacy of famed hashish maker Frenchie Cannoli with several crosses of Frenchy's Grapes (Frenchy's Force x Creme De Papaya).

This line combines a lot of hitters: Glue, GAK, Papaya and Grape Cream Cake.

CHA applied pollen from a male Frenchy's Grapes to 31 insanely hyped crosses from 15 breeders. Start with Frenchy's Grapes x Masonic's (Grape Gas x Peach Ringz).

So that's another 1,000 words of wisdom about what to eat this Valentine's Day. If you're bored with the usual suspects – don't hate, hate.

Next: Pop Seeds 2024 concludes with Part III titled “Hash Rules Everything Around Me.”

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