Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry – 2024 Report

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Cannabiz Media's Sixth Annual Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry Report is now available! The 2024 report provides updated information on the point-of-sale (POS) software market share in the U.S. and Canadian cannabis industries.

To create the 2024 Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry Report, Cannabiz Media's research team made approximately 37,000 outbound phone calls to both U.S. and Canadian cannabis dispensaries and retail locations about their current POS software usage to question.

Key findings for 2024

Key findings from this year's report include:

  • There are 71 POS software providers for the cannabis industry in the US and 52 in Canada.
  • 15 companies compete in both the US and Canada.
  • Together, the five largest POS software providers in the US hold a 66.6% market share.
  • Together, the two largest POS software providers in Canada hold a 70% market share.
  • Dutchie's POS software brands have a combined 34.5% market share in the US

Point-of-sale software leaderboards in the US and Canada

In the United States, the top five POS software providers account for 66.6% of the market in 2024, up from 60% in 2022 and 61% in 2021.

In our 2022 report, we combined brands into one company. Most of the top 5 brands still make it into this year's best list:

  1. Dutchie: 34.5% (from 28% through merger of Green Bits and Leaflogix)
  2. BioTrack: 11.8% (down 13.4% – including Alleaves)
  3. Flowhub: 9.9% (from 11.8%)
  4. MJ Freeway: 6.2% (from 6.5%)
  5. Magestore: 4.3% – new to the list

In Canada, the top two POS software providers dominate 70% of the market (up from 73%). The five best providers in 2024 are:

  1. COVA: 45.3%
  2. BLAZE/Greenline: 25.1%
  3. Techpos: 6.16%
  4. GlobalTill: 6.05%
  5. the childPOS: 2.92%

COVA and BLAZE/Greenline fell slightly, while Techpos, GlobalTill and Barnet/POS all rose.

Changing POS software provider in 2024

In 2020, we started tracking when a store switched its software from one provider to another. In 2024, we recorded 278 changes compared to 222 in 2022. There were 205 in the US and 73 in Canada.

Dutchie gained the most customers by switching – winning 139 and losing only 12. Magestore gained 67 by displacing other vendors on Trulieve. On the loss side, BioTrack lost 45 stores and BLAZE/Greenline lost 38. Not surprisingly, we saw the biggest changes in major U.S. cannabis markets like Colorado (27), Michigan (20), and Oklahoma (20).

Point of sale stations in 2024

As part of our telephone survey, Cannabiz Media's research team again asked stores how many points of sale they have. There is still a wide range across North America, but the average number of POS stations is 3 in the US and 2 in Canada. Treez had the highest median at 5, followed by Leaflogix in second place at 4.

Find out more in the full report

Cannabiz Media customers can download the full “Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry – 2024” report for full data and insights, including:

  • The complete list of all 71 US and 52 Canadian point of sale software providers
  • Market share data for the US, Canada, North America, US Health States and US Adult Consumption States
  • Historical trend data on market share of POS software providers
  • Annual license growth data by POS software parent company
  • Key POS software market data across states and Canadian provinces
  • Profits and losses when changing POS software
  • POS station data by state
  • Data charts and tables
  • And more

This year's full report is available exclusively to Cannabis Market Intelligence Platform subscribers. Contact the Cannabiz Media team if you would like to become a subscriber to receive the full report, or if you have any questions about the 2024 report, point-of-sale software provider data, or cannabis license holder data have.

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