Must have 420 accessories based on your stoner personality

In the past there weren’t too many other tools or ways to consume cannabis besides a typical headshop bong, a few carved pipes, and the trusted joint. But as the industry has evolved, so have the products in and around them, opening up new opportunities for tech gadgets, delicious food, and smoking equipment to suit every type of stoner.

Here is a list of our favorites based on the inner stoner you’d like to pair with this 420.

Read through to find out which 420 personality suits you best, or move on to your section.

The flower child

You’re the type of stoner who can relate to anything in the 70s. They regularly imagine what it would be like to relax to a Grateful Dead concert and roam the California coast in a remodeled VW RV. Your world is only dominated by a good mood and you appreciate handicrafts (preferably from the region).

Meraki tips

There’s nothing like a good joint. You’ll appreciate these reusable terpene-dipped wood tips the next time you roll – even more so since you know you can toss them straight into the compost in due course.

Houseplant Home Collection

It seems that Seth Rogen is in the middle of a creative development – from Hollywood actor to design director. We love his new line of floral and retro accessories, including this electric lighter. (Who still uses plastic lighters?)


Seth Rogen’s new houseplant cannabis has been unpacked and checked

Barbarian herbs

Nothing says flower child like hemp and botanical pre-rolls. Get to know Barbari and her herbal blends that are designed to enhance your smoking experience and help you feel more playful, uplifting, or more rested. You can even get a subscription.

Light in the candle

Nothing beats lighting one before it cools down – and these vegan candles are the perfect companion to boost your mood. Hand poured in Rochester, NY, it is made from soy wax and a blend of hemp seed oil, lemon, and vetiver.

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This Instagram account is operated by Cannabis Dynamo @ohhmygeeg and celebrates inclusivity and sensitivity.

The design lover

Sleek aesthetics are your thing, and you are likely a minimalist who appreciates brutalist architecture with zen design. Everything you own must be pleasing to the eye and offer a high level of functionality.


As a result of designer Michael Young’s sketches, this portable flower vaporizer looks like a device that would appear in a Bond movie. Inside, an oven with double heating ensures that the disposable flower sticks burn evenly and give a full flavor profile.

Aplós hemp drinks

The day you stopped drinking, you realized how much you loved making cocktails. So when you came across this hemp-infused drink (formulated by master mixologist Lynnette Marrero), you were celebrating with your 0.0% version of a Negroni.

Edition Sesh Set

It might be the eye for detail you inherited from studying the Bauhaus, or just the need to keep your paraphernalia organized, but this nesting set of three trays will help keep your smoking session going smoothly.

Keith Haring Collection

(Courtesy of higher standards)

Since the day you first saw Keith Haring’s art at MoMA, you’ve felt a deep connection with his voice and creative expression. It was just obvious that the dog bat had a place in your heart (and in the living room). Higher Standards has a whole collection ready for you to add his art to your home.

The wellness enthusiast

From crossfit to power yoga, you’ve tried everything to cultivate your body (aka your temple) and optimize your wellbeing. Although you rarely smoke to avoid the possibility of decreased stamina, you firmly believe in the benefits of using cannabis for muscle building and recovery.

Offfield CBD powder

You haven’t touched a Gatorade since graduating from high school, but you always took a sip of electrolyte during your run. This powdered CBD has enough of it to keep you hydrated all the way to the finish line.

Matador meggings

When you feel like sportswear is getting too boring, these leggings are what you need to get. You will surely turn a few heads on the barbell so make sure you haven’t skipped leg day. While aimed at men, these “meggings” look like something anyone of any gender could enjoy.

Cosmic View sports balm

Meet the brand’s pain cream killer. This organic ointment mixes cannabis rich in CBD and THC with arnica, comfrey, menthol, wintergreen and mint oils, which relieve body pain and refresh the skin after a long workout.

LPP Change is coming hoodie

As a cannabis user, you understand that as the industry has grown and made big gains, large numbers of people are still behind bars for non-violent crimes related to cannabis. Show your support with the Last Prisoner Project hoodie.

The conscious stoner

You and Mother Nature are close. Everything you do is fully aware of the impact your actions have on the planet. So when it comes to your equipment, you want to make sure it is connected to the earth as closely as possible.

Levo infuser

We know your style: You love to cook and bake. It’s hard to get a decent organic and gluten-free muffin, so it’s always better to make your own. This machine will be your best friend for adding that extra secret ingredient that everyone will love.

Periodic hemp caramels

Vegan caramel. Yes, you read that right. By blending coconut oil and hemp from organic farms in Oregon, these guys created a lime and terpinolene dominated candy that will give you a boost of energy before helping you relax.

HUM protein powder with hemp

Many people choose to consume it more consciously because of digestive problems. The new vegan protein powder from HUM contains hemp, pea and pumpkin protein and is low-FODmap-certified for easy digestion.

Otto CBD apple cider

Hopping apple. Pineapple passion. Pear rhubarb. Made from organic Washington apples, these lightly hopped CBD ciders are perfect for those who want to know their relaxation drink is all natural.

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This Oregon couple grow cannabis using clean and conscious methods. Follow them as they take over the USA with their flower and counseling skills.

The gadget lover

Time is priceless so make sure you keep the balance between hard work and hard token. Because of this, each of the products you buy aims to efficiently provide you with technology that will enhance your smoking soirées.

Automatic grinder and cone filler from Banana Bro

With its handy carry case and the ability to turn anyone into a good grout roll, this automatic sander and cone filler will make you feel like weed’s inspector gadget around your friends.

E1011 evaporator

Pronounced ‘Elon’, we have the feeling that this company is winking at the man who launches spaceships left and right. The design of their vapes is good enough to secure them a place in one of the upcoming terraforming missions.

Hitoki trident

Of course, you’ll want to light your herb with a laser. Hitoki’s trident is as modern as it gets. The company describes its combustion method as similar to a magnifying glass under the sun – when the sun was terminator.

The global traveler

And for our travelers (who may be feeling a bit restless these days) we present 420 accessories from all over the world. These artisans from around the world are sure to remind you of your love for culture.


Weed rituals: an intercultural connection to rest

The GCC forest set

These Forest Set trays are made in Canada using locally sourced materials and partnered with local artisans. They are carefully made, yet tough enough to withstand the passage of time without cracking. The pipe resembles a birch branch – just add flower and bloom to it.

Bhang accessories

Colombia has come a long way to escape the shadow of the cartel and has taken the lead in Latin America on cannabis. A clear example are these polished accessories that offer the consumer an even better experience.

Rompotodo pipes and spoons

Buenos Aires is probably the most romantic city in South America, and these Argentine pipes from Rompotodo are an ode to love. The packaging and branding are just as appealing. Each piece is made from hand-cast earthenware and made to order.

Aerbae stoneware

The Carrara quarries have been supplying marble to the world since the days of Michelangelo. Now Aerbae is developing the stone further and inviting us to switch to the slow lane and carefully focus on the process in order to “meet the need for elegance and beauty as well as ease of use for people with limited mobility and handling”.

Bonus IG account follows: Doble Reina

Chilean sisters Javiera and Florencia Valle began making these uniquely shaped pipes to celebrate “feminine inclusiveness, creative freedom and positive cannabis use”. The best part? They are all individually hand painted and guarantee that no pipe is the same.

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