Mother's Day 2024 Weed Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we know you will never forget to shower your mother with love and affection on her big day. But just in case you're out of gift ideas, we have a roundup of beautiful, practical and relaxing weed accessories that are perfect for cool moms everywhere.

Under $40

Edie Parker mill and storage case

(Courtesy of Edie Parker)

If your cannabis-loving mom is on Instagram, there's a good chance she's lusting after something from super-fashion floral accessories brand Edie Parker. Make your dreams come true with this handy dandy grinder, available in six super juicy color combinations. $15 from Edie Parker.

Broccoli Magazine Subscription

For moms who enjoy reading with their weed, check out Broccoli Magazine. It's whimsical, thoughtful and entertaining – the ideal reading material for a rocky afternoon. With a subscription, Mom will receive two issues of this coffee table-worthy publication, one in April and one in October. $39 from Broccoli.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

(Courtesy of Kush Queen)

With this bubbly CBD bath bomb scented with chamomile, sandalwood, and lavender, your mom will say, “Kush Queen, take me with you!” Designed for maximum relaxation, these bath bombs are made with cannabinoids, essential oils, and pure olive oil and are available in three dosages , including CBD and CBD/THC. $16 from Kush Queen.


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Tetra Cue Stick Lighter

(Courtesy of Tetra)

Trust this older millennial mother of two when she tells you this: Your mom would love a lighter that looks exactly like a tube of Great Lash mascara. This one from Tetra is a big step up from her usual Bic, and because it's so unique, no one will dare take it away from her. $30 from Tetra.

Blazy Susan Shorty Pink pre-rolled cones

(Courtesy of Blazy Susan)

Why roll a joint for your dear old mother when you can roll a dozen for her? With these pre-rolled cones, mom can be smoking in style in no time. The 53mm size is perfect for that little bit of me time that Mommy desperately needs, and most importantly, they're pink! Just pack it up and off you go! $4.99 from Blazy Susan.

Chill Mode eye gels with cannabis seed oil

(Courtesy of Patchology)

Made with cannabis sativa seed oil and tea leaves, these hydrating eye patches will instantly refresh mom's tired eyes. These are perfect to wear while flying. Instead of the usual slightly scary post-flight puffy face, Mom will be glowing, refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. $15 from Patchology.

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Edibles: Small bites for modern cannabis cuisine

(Courtesy of Chronicle Books)

Mom loves cooking with herbs, so you know she'll love cooking with her favorite herb of all. Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen is packed with recipes for the cannabis-interested cook and is a great starting point for people new to cooking with cannabis. $18.55 from

$40 and up

The Grateful Dead x G Pen Dash vaporizer

(Courtesy of Gpen)

If mom is a total head, then you can bet she'll be thrilled to get her hands on this G Pen Grateful Dead-printed vaporizer. Lightweight and relatively discreet (as discreet as something with a stealie can be), the Dash fits perfectly in mom's bag, and unlike you, she'll actually remember to take it out before doing laundry. $49.95 (retail price) from G Pen.

Pure Beauty Sativa Babies

(Courtesy of Pure Beauty)

Mommy loves all her babies, but if you force her to choose a favorite, she might just choose these Sativa Baby Pre-Rolled Joints from Pure Beauty. Each 3.5g joint is pre-rolled with a California-grown, tropical-tasting sativa blend for mom to enjoy. $50 from Pure Beauty.

G Pen Micro+

Give your mom a head start on Oil Day on July 10th with this leading, affordable, low profile dab pen. The number “710” means “oil” upside down. Simply scoop in a gram of extract like a living resin ball, pick it up, and tear it apart to get big clouds and tons of flavor and effects in a tiny package. $74.95 from Grenco.

Wandering Bud Bubble Collection Mist

(Courtesy of Studenglass)

Is it a whistle? Is it art? My friends and mother, a lover of beautiful things, both deserve to add this bubble glaze fog pipe to their collection. The whistle is designed so that your fingers rest comfortably in the grooves whether you are right or left handed, making it an ideal whistle bowl for entertaining a crowd. $90.00 from Wandering Bud.

$100 and up

The nesting set from Gossamer

(Courtesy of Gossamer)

Your mom is a master at multitasking, and this nest set is too. It includes a one-hitter, whistle and ashtray, all in a striking jadeite colorway that any mother would love. Mom can keep it neat and discreet by packing everything under the set's lid, or display it proudly on the coffee table for all to admire. $110 from Gossamer.

Snugbox Celestial storage box

(Courtesy of Snugbox)

Mom loves it when everything is neatly stored, so give her a nice supply for her stash. The super luxurious ultra suede wrapped storage box features two locks for maximum security and allows mom to charge her devices while they are safely stored away. Best of all, this smell-proof beauty can even pass mom's sniff test. $159.00 from Snugbox.

Stündenglass Compact Gravity Infuser

(Courtesy of Studenglass)

Mom's book club is about to get even brighter with this modern version of a gravity bong from Hourglass. You load up the water, load up the weed, turn the cup upside down and the smoke shoots into your face. The smaller Compact Gravity Infuser comes in pink and will infuse your couch with gravity, so don't make any big plans. $599.95 from Hourglass.

And those are 14 great ideas to get you thinking about how to honor and celebrate the cool moms who smoke in your life. Time is running out, so get started now.

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