MITA leads advancements in the cannabis industry through education and advocacy

MITA is the trade association for the cannabis industry in Arizona – but they are prepared to drive change across the country with their industry-shaping model. MITA is designing the education and advocacy blueprint that advances the cannabis industry, bringing together industry experts to enable shared progress.

MITA brings together industry experts to enable shared progress.

Since its founding in 2016, MITA has operated as a nonprofit organization in Arizona, growing in membership over time and driving change in the industry through its impactful initiatives. Education, transparency, inclusivity, and advocacy for thoughtful, free-market-focused regulations are at the core of what drives MITA and lay the foundation for everything they do.

Like Leafly, MITA is not directly involved in plant touching activities. Instead, they share policy information and resources on the evolving cannabis landscape with diverse stakeholders across the country, from media and politicians to consumers and industry experts. With this advocacy, its top-rated podcasts and videos, and monthly industry events, MITA has become the home for people and companies committed to advancing the cannabis industry.

A dynamic network of cannabis experts

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If you're in Arizona, you're probably very familiar with MITA's exciting cannabis networking events. These events take place monthly and typically attract over a thousand eager participants. They provide a meeting place where cannabis industry professionals come together to drive progress.

The energy at MITA's cannabis business networking events is contagious, as stakeholders from all areas of the industry get the opportunity to share ideas, celebrate successes and gain perspectives. Members particularly look forward to events like the annual MITA Charity Golf Tournament, where fun and sun are shared as well as technical discussions and important resources.

Education with impact

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MITA excels at creating video series and podcast resources that truly inspire while sharing important perspectives directly from people working in the cannabis industry.

Watch MITA's unwavering commitment to social justice come to life with the Cannamentors, Social Equity Mentorship Modules, and Social Equity Deep Dive video series. Cannamentors interviews a wide range of industry experts to understand how they got into the cannabis industry, what hurdles they've overcome, and what advice they have for other members of the industry and aspiring professionals.


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There are few other places like this where you can find such an in-depth collection of insights on how to navigate and succeed in the cannabis industry. As you watch the series, you're sure to gain invaluable insight into navigating the cannabis business, but you'll also feel inspired after hearing the stories of so many people navigating this ever-evolving field created space.

Advancing social justice with critical resources

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MITA has become a pioneering force in the cannabis industry by creating exceptional video resources tailored to social justice groups in multiple states. Social Equity Mentorship Modules and Social Equity Deep Dive are both based on inclusivity and education. They provide a detailed guide to the intricacies of government social equity programs and provide important knowledge on how to navigate the dynamic cannabis industry in the future.

These resources promote a more equitable and informed industry by empowering social justice groups to understand and thrive within the complex framework of their local cannabis programs. They provide insights from leading experts and create a more connected community within the cannabis industry. MITA then strengthens this connected community with events and video series such as the Virtual Town Hall series, where members have the opportunity to share perspectives and discuss challenges to move forward together.

MITA Unshackled: They set the bar high with their award-winning podcast

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Launched in June 2022 at ICBC Berlin, the MITA Unshackled podcast immediately caused a stir with its interviews with industry leaders and offered an engaging format to unravel the complexities of the cannabis world. Recognizing the need for a platform that provides comprehensive education for those unfamiliar with the industry, MITA Unshackled immediately got to work conducting in-depth and insightful interviews with executives from across the industry with the immense support of the community to offer.


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Each episode shares stories and key perspectives on how a diverse range of stakeholders have found their way into the industry, providing listeners with powerful insights to help them grow their own businesses. In 2023, MITA Unshackled was awarded the prestigious title of Cannabis Podcast of the Year at The Emjays, a well-deserved recognition for a resource that benefits so many.


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Joining MITA means becoming part of a community committed to building a strong and sustainable future for the cannabis industry. Membership provides unmatched networking opportunities, exclusive access to industry information, training and education opportunities, local business connections and brand exposure. MITA's impressive email list of over 30,000 industry professionals and an average open rate of 30% ensures widespread exposure. In 2023, MITA sent 1.64 million emails with a remarkable open count of 565,000, representing an open rate of 34.51%.

Membership levels include Business Listing (free), Supreme FA Membership ($100), Individual Member ($300 annually), Business Member ($3,000 annually), Featured Business Member ($5,000) and Industry Leader ($6,000 annually). Industry Leader membership offers comprehensive amenities and exclusive benefits, including C-suite level introductions, speaking opportunities and more.

Courtesy of MITA

MITA is at the forefront of shaping the development of the cannabis industry, driven by a commitment to education, transparency, inclusivity and the promotion of thoughtful regulations. With its impactful initiatives, exciting events and series, and influential podcasts, MITA continues to be a driving force, leading the way for a progressive and thriving cannabis industry.

It's easy to get involved, so why not join this community of changemakers today? Visit the MITA website to learn more and connect.

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