Microdosing marijuana can improve everyday tasks

Some things in life can't be avoided – and seem to take the fun out of it… but maybe a little cannabis can help!

Mowing the lawn, brainstorming, exercising and other everyday tasks seem to take away your everyday life – especially the precious weekends of Saturday and Sunday. Not only are they mundane, but they have to be done again and again throughout your life. How about making their everyday tasks more fun, motivating them and bringing some joy into their everyday tasks? Microdosing marijuana can improve everything from everyday tasks to pleasure.

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Microdosing cannabis can be a beneficial way to achieve a relaxed, yet focused high. The Sativa strain tends to be energizing and uplifting and can transport you to a state of timelessness, effortlessness, euphoria and single-minded focus. Microdosing cannabis can help increase creativity, mood, and productivity. Consider around 2.5 mg to start – which is about half a gummy or a hit or two from a vape.


From laundry to folding clothes to cleaning the refrigerator, these are must-do activities to make everyday life easier. Sometimes it's thoughtless and easy to fall into boredom while trying to collect an endless supply of socks or cleaning the oven. A little sativa can add not only energy but also a bit of creativity to these tasks. You'll be surprised at how much fun vacuuming can be!

Outdoor tasks

Mowing the lawn is considered a more boring job. Around 76% say their lawn is mowed at least every two weeks. What a boring routine and pattern, add trimming edges, pulling weeds and other gardening tasks and you can find yourself in a bi-weekly loop of boredom. Grab a gummy bear and you can reinvent your garden again and again. The same applies to washing and cleaning the car or garage. And you end with a strong feeling of satisfaction.

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Some people don't find the natural home that people who enjoy physical activity enjoy. Some see it as a reason for health or appearance, and it can be a little boring. Trendmills, stationary bikes, walks, runs and more are usually a set period of time that can get a bit boring day by day. Maybe mix it with some cannabis and give the set some oomph.

Additionally, cannabis has been shown to have properties that not only aid recovery after exercise, but also the actual performance of certain activities. Studies have shown the plant's ability to relieve anxiety and act as a bronchodilator, increasing airflow to the lungs. Additionally, one study found that “cannabinoids are powerful anti-inflammatory agents.”


Whether you're writing a book, managing a work project for your team at work, or organizing your family or friends' lives, the ability to think strategically and creatively is critical to productivity. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut, a little time, grass and space can give you a fresh, creative perspective. While 80% may not work, 20% could be something you can build and that could make life better.

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For some, consuming weed allows the brain to work in a different mechanism, stimulating creativity and overcoming any stubborn obstacles. So next time you're stuck, try stepping away for a few minutes to take in the situation and come back to it with a fresh perspective.



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