Michigan's 2024 Cannabis Trends: From Super Boof to the Remarkable Rise of Gazzurple

Known for its robust automotive industry and beautiful Great Lakes, Michigan is also carving out a significant niche in the cannabis market. As we explore the state's top cannabis strains in 2024, we see a mix of firm favorites and surprising changes, including the astronomical rise of Gazzurple. Let's take a look at the varieties setting trends in the Wolverine State. Here are the five most searched varieties on Leafly in Michigan.

Michigan's Fab 5

1. Super Boof: Continually holding the top spot and celebrated for its potent effects and complex flavor, Super Boof represents the pinnacle of cannabis quality in Michigan.

SuperBoof by Virgin Leaf.  (Ryan Herron for Leafly)

Great boof


  • Relaxed • Hungry •Happyj
  • THC 28%

Great boof is a tangy hybrid weed strain created by crossing Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies. It has the same chunky, deep green buds as its parents, which look wet with silver calyxes. The effects of Super Boof are believed to be extremely relaxing and giggly.

2. Blue Dream: Always a crowd favorite, Blue Dream secures its spot with its balanced high and sweet berry notes, a testament to its versatility and widespread appeal.

Blue Dream marijuana strain

Blue dream


  • Creative • Sublime •Energetic
  • THC ~18%

Blue dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Blueberry with Haze. Originally from California, Blue Dream has since achieved legendary status among West Coast strains, quickly becoming one of the most searched strains in the Leafly database.

3. Lemon Cherry Gelato: With its vibrant flavor and euphoric effects, Lemon Cherry Gelato remains a consistent favorite and showcases Michigan's love of strains with distinct profiles.

Is it Runtz?  Just gelato?  Lemon cherry gelato grown by fig farms.  (David Downs)

Lemon cherry gelato


  • Tingling • Giggling •Relaxed
  • THC ~20%

Lemon cherry gelato is a hybrid weed strain created from a genetic cross between Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies. Lemon Cherry Gelato contains 20% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis users. Leafly customers report the effects of Lemon Cherry Gelato to be intoxicating, relaxing and euphoric.

4. Permanent Marker: The 2023 Leafly strain of the year rises in the rankings, offering a unique aroma and balanced effects, reflecting a growing interest in novel and memorable strains.

Original artwork celebrating Permanent Marker as the 2023 Leaf Variety of the Year. The text is on the left of the frame, then a large image in purple and an image bud with a circle drawn around it and lines coming out of the circle and connecting to other buds, as well a red, blue and yellow graffiti-like design on the right side of the image

Permanent marker


  • Tingling • Talkative •Excited
  • THC ~18%

Permanent marker is a modern cannabis strain and the leaf strain of 2023! Los Angeles indie brand Doja Exclusive launched Permanent Marker weed strain on both coasts in 2022. Bred by JBeezy of Seed Junky Genetics and selected by Doja Pak, the strain brings together several established strains: (Biscotti x Sherb Bx) x Jealousy. Floral, soapy, candy and gassy funk smells are completely transferred to the taste.

5. Runtz: Maintaining its spot, the 2020 Leafly strain is known for its fruity flavor and relaxing yet euphoric high, reflecting Michiganders' love of dessert strains.

Runtz marijuana strain



  • Talkative • Cheerful •Silly
  • THC ~21%

Runtz, also known as “Runtz OG,” is a rare type of hybrid marijuana strain. Made by Cookies Fam by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato, Runtz is popular for its incredibly fruity flavor profile that smells like the bag of sugary candies we all know and love. Due to the increasing popularity of this cannabis strain, it is no surprise that Runtz was named Leaf Strain of the Year in 2020.

Notable movers and shakers

Gazzurple: The story of the year, Gazzurple's jump from 5,811. ranked 69th as of September 2023, illustrates an extraordinary shift in consumer interest, likely due to its unique properties and the enthusiasm it has generated among cannabis enthusiasts.

Cadillac Rainbow: At the top of the list, Cadillac Rainbow has piqued the curiosity of many with its colorful name and powerful effects, signaling a trend toward strains that are both visually appealing and profound.

Cap Junky: Cap Junky's rise from 23rd to 13th place gains significance and suggests greater exploration into strains that offer both a powerful high and an unforgettable experience.

Pure Michigan: Pure Michigan makes a significant jump, climbing from 36th to 21st, underscoring growing pride in locally named or themed varieties that reflect state loyalty and cultural identity.

Michigan's cannabis scene in 2024 is dynamic, marked by an appreciation for both classic strains and the thrill of discovering new favorites. Gazzurple's remarkable journey is just one example of the evolving tastes and preferences within the state's cannabis community.

As summer wears on, we're staying on the pulse of Michigan cannabis trends, making sure you're up to date on what's hot, what's coming to market, and the stories behind the strains. Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to navigate the vibrant world of cannabis in Michigan.

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