Men who wear this are more likely to cheat, the study finds

The topic of men and cheating is the backbone of many magazines and websites. There is no clear way of knowing what makes someone cheat and what doesn’t because, unfortunately, life cannot be reduced that easily. However, there is one study that claims that men who wear a particular piece of clothing are more likely to cheat. So take it the way you want.

In the study, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers found that men who wear flashy shirts with large, expensive logos are less “trustworthy” and more “promiscuous,” which is no surprise. According to the study, the more subdued the shirt, the more trustworthy the person is.

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The journal explains the origins of the study, which is based on the theory of evolution, which states that women seek men who have resources. In today’s world, wealth that can be expressed through clothing is one of those resources. It’s not a foolproof theory, but it has inspired several studies like this one and serves as a reference for many other social theories.

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The study was conducted by Dr. Daniel Kruger directed and conducted by the University of Michigan, focusing on two models of Ralph Lauren branded shirts: one with a small logo and one with a larger one. The researchers then asked the men which shirt they preferred and what social situation they would wear it in, whether it was a family gathering or a party where they could meet a potential partner. Men were then rated by other men and women for their choice.

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“Luxury displays that are exaggerated in size, coloration, and sound may indicate a relatively larger investment in mating efforts,” said Kruger. “Large logos for luxury products improve the social competitiveness and attractiveness of partners, while small logos improve the perception of trustworthiness and reliability.”

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Research has found that men who own large logos appear to be more invested in mating attraction than in becoming parents. They seemed more invested in short-term relationships in the long run. The men and women who voted for these results seemed to share the same opinions.

While wearing a different style of polo shirt seems like something simple and uninspicuous, the study shows that the way people present themselves lend themselves to interpretation and that the presentation of luxury goods is associated with sketchy things. In short: do not wear the polo with the big logo.

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