MedMen's Collapse: Everywhere I Go is now closed!

MedMen's recent bankruptcy is a loud wake-up call for the cannabis industry. MedMen was once a big hit in the game, but its demise is a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. Back then, they were the cool kids on the block, with fancy stores and a vibe that said, “Cannabis is going mainstream, baby!”

But behind the scenes they made some serious mistakes. They grew faster than a weed in the sunlight, snapping up new branches left and right. Sounds great, right? No. It turned out they were too spread out and couldn't keep up.

And just when they thought things couldn't get any worse, along came COVID-19. With stores closed everywhere and customers stuck at home, sales plummeted. MedMen, like many others, could not weather the storm. The entire California cannabis scene seems to belong in the new Fallout series.

Then there's the whole legal mess. Cannabis laws are like a puzzle with missing pieces, different in every state and constantly changing. MedMen had to deal with insane costs and red tape just to stay on the right side of the law. It was like trying to ride a bike with square wheels.

And that's why you can't put all the blame on Medmen. You can't blame Grassdoor. You can't blame the many other deliveries and dispensaries that are now closed, because it's actually due to poor state and federal legislation that makes it extremely difficult for any cannabis business to survive. There aren't many you can rely on anymore. So if you're in SoCal and looking for a reliable place to buy delicious edibles or beautiful flowers, check out to find some good deals.

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