Maybe the new James Bond should be updated with marijuana

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is supposed to be the new James Bond… maybe he should update the image and add some cannabis.

The rumor mill says that Aaron Taylor-Johnson could become the new James Bond. A British tabloid claims Eon Productions offered the actor the iconic role after Daniel Craig stepped down. What does this mean for the next round of films? Maybe the new James Bond should be updated with marijuana. There's a case of boldly different direction: “The Spy Who Loved Me” used the title of one of Fleming's novels, but was an original screenplay that had nothing to do with the bookstore. And both Sean Connery and Roger Moore flirted with the plant when they were young.

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When Casino Royale was released in 1953, Bond burst onto the scene. When he met Dr. When No came to the screen via Eon Production, an icon was born. The name, the look, the cars, the martini – they all became part of the cultural language. While the 1960s marked the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, it had not yet made it to the cinema. And Eon was all about mass marketing, and weed wasn't where it was yet. Ian Fleming, the creator of Bond, was an old-school spy. He took his adventures and knowledge, added a healthy dose of creativity, and produced a series that captured the attention of audiences. Himself a fan of alcohol and cigarettes, his writing reflects the times.

But since the new Bond won't be released until 2025 at the earliest, a lot has changed. The youngest fans of Generation Z have begun to turn away from alcohol and towards legal cannabis. Additionally, over 85% of the population believes that there should be some form of legal cannabis. A different landscape could add an updated nuance.

While it may be difficult to swap out the martini for a vape or pre-roll, an ointment or gummy could be used to help with the frequent pain and injuries the hero endures while saving the world. The average death toll per film is 16 people, although there were usually fights. Popping a gummy bear might be a positive to get his way…or Q might give him medical marijuana for injuries.

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While Bond is known for attacking hard, defeating the villains and winning the ladies. A tool must be required. Cannabis and even CBD can help him sleep and have been shown to help with post-traumatic stress disorder… something even the most ardent hero has some regrets about.

Let's see what Eon does in the role and in the update.

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