Marijuana makes 70 the new 50

Although cannabis is not the face of a fountain of youth, consuming it can make your body feel younger

The rumor mill says that Generation Z is turning away from alcohol and using marijuana, and for the other 35, California sobriety is the new thing. But look around the corner and you see that seniors are also more likely to use marijuana. One reason for this is that the body feels and behaves younger. Marijuana makes 70 the new 50. Even Fox News viewers are in favor of legalizing marijuana.

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The magazine Drug and Alcohol Dependence published: “Marijuana use is increasing in the older population.” There are good reasons for this: Cannabis can reduce anxiety, body aches and inflammation, and improve a relaxed mood, which can lead to other things. Alcohol tends to have a more damaging effect on the body, especially over a longer period of time.

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Science has proven that cannabis can have many benefits for seniors. People age 65 and older may benefit from cannabis for chronic pain, sleep disorders, tremors, spasticity, restlessness, nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite. All important things, but what are the lifestyle benefits of marijuana use?

Helps with inflammation, which can lead to increased exercise like walking, dancing and more. Several studies have shown that cannabinoids downregulate the production of cytokines and chemokines and, in some models, upregulate T regulatory cells (Tregs) as a mechanism to suppress inflammatory responses. Joint pain can be relieved, thereby increasing the body's mobility.

It can also reduce anxiety. At lower doses, THC can reduce stress, while higher doses can cause panic, paranoia and anxiety. A small amount, such as half a gummy bear, can help with anxiety and make you feel more optimistic about life. A potential benefit is being a little more relaxed about new things. Despite the changes in cognition that can come with age, older adults can still learn new things and adapt as they age.

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Cannabis can affect a person's sex life in a variety of ways, from simply helping them feel more aroused to opening the mind to deeper intimacy and encouraging mindfulness. When used on seniors, cannabis can have an even greater impact, providing relaxation and increased libido while treating symptoms that naturally occur as people age and their bodies begin to change.

Aside from body pain, cannabis also contains a variety of lubricants and intimate oils that can help boost sex, especially in postmenopausal women who sometimes experience decreased libido. These oils can increase arousal and provide different bonding opportunities, whether it's an intimate massage or simply something new for couples to try together.

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Studies show that cannabis use among seniors is steadily increasing each year, with the majority of people becoming more knowledgeable about the subject and learning to use the plant to their advantage. The dosage is crucial. So start with a low dosage to find the right comfort level. Talk to an expert at your doctor's office or pharmacy about how to find the right dose for you.

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