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In a newer one survey Of 1,237 American adults conducted nationwide April 8-12, nearly 7 in 10 (69%) believe that marijuana use should be legal in the United States. 25 percent were against it.

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The result was similar among the registered voters: 70 percent were in favor and 24 percent were against.

This shows a new high of support (excuse the pun) for legalizing marijuana since the Quinnipiac University survey first published in December 2012. At that time, only 51 percent of registered voters were in favor, 44 percent were against. This equates to a 19% increase in legalization over the past nine years. The huge increase in related sales seems to repeat this change in attitude as well.

It appears that in states that have already mandated cannabis use, there is no buyer’s remorse. Voter support for these changes has grown rapidly in almost all age groups and regions in the country.

While those between the ages of 18 and 49 show the strongest support at 78 percent, much of the support is still from older age groups. 50 to 64 year olds showed 72 percent, and even those 65 and older supported legalization with 51 percent. It’s probably not surprising as more states are legalizing cannabis. It’s not just the youngsters who enjoy this magical herb. The older generations are also turning more to cannabis to treat all kinds of illnesses, be it joint pain or to ease the side effects of cancer. The more we learn about the benefits, the stronger the case for legalization becomes.

Another key finding is that support for the legalization of marijuana is becoming a non-partisan issue. It is supported by 78 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of Independents and 62 percent of Republicans.

Democrats may be at the forefront in support of legalization, but the other two factions are not far behind and are fast catching up. Although this issue appears to be supported by a majority of voters, the same impartial split is not reflected in the elected officials. Republican lawmakers are still voting against legalizing cannabis, and legalization in New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, and Virginia was primarily due to the support of Democratic lawmakers who received almost no support from their Republican counterparts. With the MORE act recently passedThe House of Representatives seems to put more pressure on federal legislators to respond.

While this isn’t the first poll to show a majority of supporters of federal legalization, it still matters. Not only is this evidence of the growing adoption of cannabis, but it also shows that this has more support now than ever before. With this support, it is time for elected officials to take note and begin to better implement the wishes of those they represent.

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