Marijuana dosage in the first half of the week

It was common and part of the American myth for men to come home after work and go out for a beer. Or take a quick look at your “local” before making your way to the house. But the world has changed and more and more people are concerned about weight, calories and health effects. A survey by the American Heart Association found that millennials are more likely than previous generations to engage in health-promoting behaviors such as regular exercise and a healthy diet. In addition, Generation Z appears to be the first generation to slowly say goodbye to alcohol and some to switch to marijuana.

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Thanks to anecdotal and hard data, there's now a slow trend where people are taking a hit or popping a gummy bear after work instead of grabbing a beer. Same relaxation, but with fewer side effects. But what should the marijuana dosage be in the first half of the week? It's important that you don't rely on just anything to relax every day. This could be a sign of addiction. But if you want to cool down quickly after work. Here are a few suggestions.

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Consider e-cigarettes, gummies, or tinctures. These vehicles are easy to consume and you do not have to commit to a large dosage. A few puffs on the e-cigarette while relaxing should be enough to relieve the tension during Monday's work. The same goes for gummies and tinctures.

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A recommended marijuana dose for mild chills is between 5 and 7.5 milligrams (mg). One study found that participants received 7.5 mg. THC patients reported less stress after the psychosocial test than those given a placebo, and stress levels decreased more quickly after the test. This would equate to a few cans on a vape or about 1.5 gummy bears. (for gummy bears with around 5 mg THC).

Alcohol sales, an indicator of consumption, show that sales were low in the first half, but by Thursday they had increased 2.5 times. Marijuana should follow in the same footprint.

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