Marijuana companies are hiring like crazy but still have big challenges ahead of them

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on various industries in both the public and private sectors. The effects of the deadly pandemic have affected more than people’s ability to lead normal lives the way they normally would. It has also rocked commercial activity and led to significant changes in the way many industries work, including the cannabis industry. However, some industries have weathered these tough times while others have adapted to the occasion and become even stronger. Where is the cannabis industry in this divide? Read on as we examine why cannabis companies are still hiring despite the obvious problems.

Cannabis companies during the COVID-19 era

Companies dealing with video conferencing and various forms of delivery services have undoubtedly benefited maximally from the Covid-19 pandemic as more and more people started using their services. The lockdowns put in place by various countries have halted the activities of many companies, with the exception of those that have been identified as material. This essential characteristic of goods and services differs from state to state, but a number of states have classified cannabis as essential. Of course, states are dealing with issues related to cannabis, as the natural herb is still being classified as illegal despite the fact that various states are legalizing its medicinal and recreational uses.

The essential hallmark of cannabis for medical and recreational use in a number of states has meant that some cannabis companies have had to increase their numbers, although the opposite has been the case in other sectors. The pandemic created a scenario in which many people were dependent on the natural product for various reasons. Aside from those who used cannabis medicinally prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, some new users rose due to the pandemic. This is because more people needed the calming and relaxing effects of CBD and other cannabinoids embedded in cannabis in order to cope with the pressures of the pandemic.

Sleep deprivation and anxiety are the two most common problems that shaped many people during the pandemic. Both of these conditions have historically been treated by CBD and other cannabis products, which is why the inventory and sales of cannabis products soared during the pandemic. As a result, more people were reliant on cannabis as a coping mechanism, which meant that cannabis companies had to step up to respond to rising demand for products. Hence the increase in the hiring activity of cannabis companies at a time when other employees have been laid off.

How did cannabis companies rise to meet this change?

Despite the fact that the pandemic situation and the key hallmark that some states have given the company are still very positive, much remains to be done to make it count. Various companies have had to make changes to their operational structure for this benefit to count towards bottom line. Businesses continued to be affected by the generally-imposed restrictions on movement. This meant cannabis companies had to find ways to make products available to people, even though they will most likely not physically come to pharmacies.

Many cannabis companies have met this challenge perfectly by offering their consumers the opportunity to order products online without having to physically drop by. This was also complemented by the fact that suitable digital payment platforms and good delivery services were put in place to easily get the product to the desired destination. These changes in the operational structure of various cannabis companies eventually resulted in a situation where more people had to come on board, which is why the hiring of various cannabis companies increased. Lightshade, a Colorado-based cannabis company, made these changes to its operational structure during the pandemic.

Cannabis companies have had to adapt and rotate significantly to take full advantage of the opportunities offered and to meet consumer demands. The need to hire professional hands in e-commerce and digital payments has never been more important. In the socially distant world sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic, job security is not a certainty that makes the changes and actions taken by cannabis companies to protect their employees unique and commendable.

Old roles for cannabis companies are still important

Despite the new realms of cannabis companies that have emerged with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shared roles of cannabis companies and workplaces remain important. Changes in the supply chain are sure to have an impact on business in general, especially the emerging sectors like e-commerce, digital payments and delivery. The cultivation of the natural herb must always be top notch, and the presence of strict guidelines and requirements means that adequate personnel are required in these areas as well.

Extraction. Storage, distribution, and finance functions are just a few of the common sectors for cannabis companies that need to be standardized at all times. The standardization of these arms of the cannabis company is done in terms of manpower, equipment and resources as their contribution to the success of the company is invaluable. The cumulative effect of standardizing these weapons along with the new weapons introduced by the emergence of the pandemic will inevitably increase the sales and revenue of such companies. Cultivators, trimmers, packers, budget tenders, deliverers, patient care specialists, marketers and management professionals are common examples of employees actively sought by cannabis companies.

Bottom line

Although we are gradually emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, the negative impact on businesses will continue to be felt for a while before the situation returns to normal. It is evident that the importance of the cannabis industry and its products means that it is of great concern to the population during troubled times like the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that due to the decline in the demand for goods and services from other industries, an increase in the demand for cannabis in the cannabis industry can be expected. Because of this, despite the fact that some companies are struggling, an increase in the hiring capacity of cannabis companies has been noted.






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