Make yourself comfortable with these 7 hemp prerolls

Now that 4/20 has come and gone, you may be feeling a little green. So if you want to remove the edge without any heady elements, consider the classic hemp preroll. While the effects won’t hit you as hard as a hefty dose of THC, a few hits of cannabidiol (CBD) can loosen you up and give you a sigh of relief at the end of a long day.

Fortunately, because hemp is legal nationwide in the U.S., you can order CBD flowers and joints in whatever is most convenient for you. Check out seven hemp prerolls below that are meant for you to sit back and let go.

CBD + Herb Minis from Miss Grass

Each Miss Grass CBD mini pre-roll pack is loaded with full-spectrum organic hemp, which contains CBD and CBG as well as a unique blend of adaptogenic herbs. You can choose between the XXX package for pleasure, the ZZZ package for sleeping and the OOO package for balancing. Or go for all three for an ultra-mild sampling. Customer reviews are characterized by gentle hits and bright flavors.

Price: $ 26 per pack or $ 63 for the trio

Special sauce 3-pack prerolls from Friend Leaf

Friend Leaf’s CBD prerolls, grown in the sun and USDA certified organically grown, contain 2 grams of flowers in each three-pack offering. The Special Sauce variety delivers notes of pine and hops and gently relaxes body and mind.

Price: $ 26

Slim Hemp CBD 14 Pack Prerolls from Alive and Kicking

If you microdose CBD regularly, you may get a kick out of Alive and Kicking’s Slim Hemp Prerolls. Each mini preroll contains 0.3 grams of third-party tested whole flower hemp, so you won’t get any stems or pesticides here. Choose from three flavors – Lifter, ACDC, and Orange Glaze – before you light up on a windy day.

Price: $ 29

Lit for a Queen CBD preroll and lighter by Her Highness

Her Highness offers a CBD preroll with an extra long filter to be easy on your nails and knows how to treat cannabis with a healthy dose of luxury and self-care. The pre-roll and lighter combination pack contains a single piece of cherry blossom in a hemp packaging with cherry blossom flavor and a golden lighter that – apart from the butane – lasts a long time.

Price: $ 15

Something’s Fishy Pack of 5 by Dad Grass

This discreet and charming five-pack from Dad Grass comes in a sardine wrapper to throw off your friends, neighbors and children. Loaded with five classic hemp joints, the hits are soft and supple.

Price: $ 37

Premium hemp cigarettes 21-pack from The Botanical Joint

The Botanical Joint is Latin owned and features 0.75 gram CBD joints in a 21 pack can. Each of its strains is tested with a robust terpene analysis that indicates the quality of The Botanical Joint’s hemp flower.

Price: $ 30

Featured image by Gina Coleman / Weedmaps

Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She worked in the cannabis industry for three years and continues to learn and research.

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