Lo and behold, this US map shows the top stoner movies in all 50 states

Listen, I’ll be honest with you. Maps usually annoy me these days. Maps of heat waves, maps of alarming political trends, maps of monkeypox cases. Maps don’t bring much joy in 2022, you know?

Buuuuut…how about a map of each state’s favorite stoner movie?

The fine folks at Seattle-based edibles and fortified beverage company Cycling Frog recently blessed us with a wonderful break from a somber series of cannabis news when they posted this unique data investigation.

To gather the wares, the Frogs used the power of Google Trends’ Interest Over Time feature to track down the most searched stoner-friendly movies in each of the 50 states. Then – just to make sure we helped them spread the word – they turned their findings into a cute as hell, fun, and easy-to-decipher card.

Read on to learn more about which movies have proven to be the most popular in our great weed-loving nation, which insanely popular movies haven’t made it, and what Nate Silver thinks the dates mean for the outcome of the 2024 presidential election …don’t worry, just kidding with the last part.

Map of 50 states each color coded corresponding to top stoner movieOne card to rule them all and keep them entertained in the dark. (Courtesy of Cycling Frog)

Lebowski FTW!

The dude strikes again. Seventeen states searched for The Big Lebowskimore than any other stoner film, making it the most popular film on Cycling Frog’s list.

Written and directed by the Coen brothers, the 1998 classic stars Jeff Bridges as a broken-down LA pothead who journeys through an odyssey of bewildering existential mysteries (just in case you live on a desert island).

Come for the White Russians, stay for Steve Buscemi and John Goodman at their most hilarious and quotable forms, a notable cameo by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and the story of Jesus, the film’s sole sex offender, the bowling outsider is.

Marijuana is optional but clearly preferred.

“Ted” and “Dazed & Confused” come into play heavily

2012’s Ted, which stars Mark Wahlberg alongside the film’s weed-smoking teddy bear of the same name, took home the trophy in 13 states and seemed to find particular adoration east of the Mississippi.

Richard Linklater’s 1993 retro gem Dazed & Confused took third place. Masel tov. Seven state residents really want to know what Google has to say about this adorable coming-of-age tale and its epic — and epically baked — cast: Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, and more.

How the heck are these classics MIA?!

There are a few suspicious absences from the list: No love for Pineapple Express, America???

dude, where’s dude, where’s my car??!?

And dear god, guys, what did you guys do with Half Baked?!? Have you tried looking at it…on weed?

Come on America, you’re getting too noble for yourself.

Look, as we wrap up, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the indelible truth that Cycling Frog – bless her and her abundant free time – has given us: The state of our nation may be highly questionable, but America, through that unites us is our love of getting baked and watching really stupid movies. Upwards, forwards and Viva la Lebowski 2024!!!

Max Savage Levenson

Max Savage Levenson probably has the lowest cannabis tolerance of any author on the cannabis beat. He also writes about music for Pitchfork, Bandcamp and other bespectacled people. He is the co-host of the Hash podcast. His dream interview is Tyler the Creator.

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