Leafy Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Maryland

Enjoy the holiday season in Maryland with these highly recommended cannabis products.

In 2022, voters overwhelmingly approved the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Maryland. That means better access, more brands, and hopefully more equity in a multi-billion dollar industry.

While we wait for the Old Line State to get its full-fledged program up and running, Leafly still felt it was important to highlight a few products that are already making us feel cheery and happy.

We’ve curated some of the best greens, concentrates, and edibles in Maryland so you can end the year with a bang, or at least a puff of smoke. Check out our product list below to fill your holiday with joy!

(Grow West MD/Leafly)

Maryland’s medical marijuana program isn’t as boisterous and diverse as some other states. But if you’re a fan of craft cannabis (and who isn’t?), Grow West MD has paved its trail of pesticide-free, carefully grown cannabis with a library of Zaza and classic strains.

Grow West MD has its own categorization system to help you choose the mix that best suits your needs and tastes.

These buds perform as beautifully as they look, and they have options that span the terpene gamut from sweet to sour to kush to fruity. You can go old school with crosses like Cambodian Thai x BOEL Skunk, or stay on trend with Forum Cookies x Aliendog Cherry and Grape Pearls.


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Patients in Maryland who like to take their cannabis on the go will love matter’s line of medical-marijuana-derived, terpene-infused vaporizers. appreciate.

The meticulous cultivation and extraction processes of matter. are a winning combination, producing strong, flavorful hits from these convenient 0.5g cartridges.

The staff at Verilife dispensaries in Maryland cite the CBD-dominant piña colada as a particular highlight, and we agree. The gentle blend of euphoria and relaxation can put you in a beach state no matter how awful the weather is outside.


The cold weather can make smoking outside uncomfortable for long periods of time, especially when we might be wrapped up with some hot cocoa inside. Luckily, these 0.35g mini-dog pre-rolls are a snap to split or smoke.

Dogwalker’s Mini Dog Pre-Rolls come in fives in a pack for a total of around 2.5g of buds, and they’re arriving, with some strains tested at up to 30% THC. The brand also carries 0.75g “Big Dog” joints for those who need a larger style of pre-roll.


If ever there was a hill to die for, championing solvent-free cannabis concentrates is mine.

In my experience as a budtender, consumer, and former Emerald Cup judge, rosin offers a smoother, tastier, and more interesting experience than a BHO-extracted product.

Evermore Cannabis Company has all the major forms of extraction on deck, but their cold-cure rosin stands out. The price makes this concentrate a perfect DIY gift for a snowy evening holiday. Evermore’s select strains include Thai-Ger King, Peach Zeason, and East Coast Sour Diesel.


Concentrate cartridges still hold our top spot for convenience and portability, especially for people who don’t want to deal with the smoky smell or long-lasting effects of an edible.

Maryland has a few good vape brands, but both fans and High Times judges (Leafly even named it the best brand of 2018) vouch for MPX’s concentrate portfolio, particularly their vaporizer cartridges.

There is no distillate here folks – everything in these 510 cartridges is freshly frozen live resin. They come in a compelling range of terpy strains that you won’t find anywhere like Grape Mixtape, Fruity Lemon Stomper, and Desert Rose.

(Garcia handpicked/leafed)

This brand honoring a California legend has a long reach. Co-created by the family of Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia, Garcia Hand Picked produces flowers and pre-rolls based on the late psychedelic musician’s tastes.

Now that Maryland legalizes edibles, Garcia Hand Picked has released a pack of hybrid THC gummies shaped like picks in blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry flavors.

Each packs just 5mg of THC, the perfect dose for an impromptu jam session or stroll through downtown Baltimore.

Happy Holidays wishes Leafly

Amelie Williams

New York-based freelance cannabis journalist Amelia Williams is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s journalism program and a former budtender. Williams has contributed to GreenState, MG Magazine, Culture Magazine and Cannabis Now, Kirkus Reviews and The Bold Italic of the San Francisco Chronicle.

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