Leafly Ratings 2023: 45 Top-Rated and Affordable Flowers from 8 US States

America's weed smokers need more guidance than ever. Gone are the days when your husband got hitched once or twice. A single store can carry 200 strains, and each of the 24 adult-use states has its own isolated system.

To help you shop smarter, Leafly deployed experts in more than half a dozen cities this year to track down top flower and value buys and rate them on a 100-point scale. We assessed a record 46 flowers and edibles – a stunning snapshot of the heat on the streets. Let your fingers shop with this collection of all Leafly reviews from 2023.

Leafly California Reviews 2023

In California in 2023, Leafly's experts got up close and personal with the hype Pink Zushi, the award-winning French Laundry, and the delicious Orange Bellini. We've also covered Wyld and Camino's most popular edibles.


Take a sniff, America – Permanent Marker is named the 2023 Leaf Variety of the Year

Leafly reviews from New York 2023

After a lackluster two-and-a-half year launch, New York's adult-use cannabis market is poised for recovery. Here's what we liked so far.

New Jersey Leafly Reviews 2023

New Jersey smokers remained satisfied with fresh California weed from the Cookies brand and beyond.


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Oregon Leafly Reviews 2023

Oregon's progressive recreational cannabis economy offers eighth ounces for just $5. For our Leafly reviews, we focused on a few strains with high levels of CBD as a counterpoint to the THC levels.


Top Rated Cannabis Dispensaries in Oregon for 2022

Maryland Leafly Reviews 2023

Maryland is launching its adult-use cannabis program in 2023 and has hit the ground running, so to speak.


Don’t worry – there’s still plenty of weed in Maryland

Nevada Leafly Reviews 2023

Sin City continued to liven up in 2023 with the opening of its new sphere and consumption lounges. Here's what we noticed:


Top Rated Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas for 2023

Leafly National CBD Brand Reviews 2023

You can order branded CBD flower anywhere in the USA. We liked these the best.

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