Leafly Picks: The best papers, pipes and bongs for April 20, 2024

Fun fact: 04/20/2024 is a palindrome, man! That means it works forwards and backwards – just like a mill. Woah.

Be that as it may, it's not possible without the right equipment. And each year presents a kaleidoscopic selection of papers, metal grinders, glass pipes and fluffy fabric items. Look for something cool that you can light up too.

Be that as it may, it's not possible without the right equipment. And each year presents a kaleidoscopic selection of papers, metal grinders, glass pipes and fluffy fabric items. Look for something cool that you can light up too.

Affordable Selection:

Elements King Size Slim Ultra Thin

(Courtesy of The Cave)

Don't play the envy game: All you need is a $3 pack of Elements, a cheap grinder, and some weed to get started on 4/20. To have fun. We like the Elements King Size Slim Ultra Thin with the Artesano Magnetic case. The rolling feeling in our hands is just right and the rice paper burns very harmlessly.

“The Cali” 3 gram cone from Vibes

(Courtesy of The Cave)

April 20th is all about THC maximalism and that includes huge “doinks” – or very large marijuana joints. Few have the ability to roll up 3 grams of bud like a pro. But anyone can pack a Vibes 3-gram “cone” called “The Cali.” Legal weed means cheaper weed and bigger joints. As simple as that.

What will you write in these papers?

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Santa Cruz Shredder – Hemp Mill – 2-part Lime Green

(Courtesy of The Cave)

Save money and tears on April 20th. – get rolling with the lightweight hemp grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder. It's only $12.95, it's more eco-friendly, and it's pretty darn green, so no one can mistake it for theirs. And if you lose it, you only lose 13 dollars. Upgrade to Matte Pink Steel for $36.50 or the Skater Collaboration 4-Piece for $79.95.

“Weed: Smoke It, Eat It, Grow It, Love It” by Ellen Holland

High Times editor-in-chief Ellen Holland, a friend of Leafly and plants, is back with updates on her great book, Weed, updated April 20th. Everything has now become even more beautiful and cooler. Only $14.99.

Cookies Bite Dry Pipe

(Courtesy of The Cave)

For just $44, you too can join the Cookies guys and smoke around town with a portable, stylish single-hole glass pipe in the iconic Cookies font, color, and style.

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Steve's thanks Pipes

(Courtesy of The Cave)

Steve's Dank Pipes are a perfect fit for Hippie Hill in San Francisco. The wooden exterior says hippie, while the glass bowl makes it a connoisseur. Each piece is sanded, finished and waxed to make it feel comfortable in the hand. Only $55, weed not included.

Marley Natural mug in smoke with gold

(Courtesy of The Cave)

Get a solid beaker bong for $160 from Marley Natural. Thick base, pull-out bowl, percolator base with 8 slots, ice disc and approximately 30 cm high.

Puffco Proxy Ripple

First, we turn to the leaders of Dab Mania 2024 – Puffco. New for 4/20: the Ripple Bubbler attachment for the best hash vaporizer in its class, the Puffco Proxy. What the what? The Ripple costs $100 and is available in Sea or Sage colors. You use it with the electronic hash oven Puffco Proxy Base. Ask your nephew to set you up. That's what the next generation is for.

Also fresh from Puffco for 4/20: The Peak Pro Limited Edition Flourish ($420), Proxy Flourish ($299), Flourish Hot Knife ($50), Proxy Wizard Flourish $100.

Old school alternative

Not your father's hashish pipe. So get it for him. (Courtesy of The Cave)

The Miyagi Terplock Dry Rigs – work like an old school hash pipe, but look sick. ($300)

Softglass Andy Roth bong

Avoid our oversized times with this sleek, minimalist, and effective $70 bong from Softglass. Andy Roth Glass brings his love of architecture to this glass work of art that combines form and function. Andy Roth's premium stuff costs several thousand dollars and could fit into Dune 2.

Tandem rig made of soft glass

Start your dab journey for just $109 from Soft Glass with the Tandem Rig. You get everything you need for dabbing except hash and torch.

Blumenmühle Next-Gen Premium 2.0

Flower Mill 2.0.

The popular mill alternative has switched to Next-Gen Premium 2.0 with numerous upgrades. Flower Mill has increased the size and weight of all units and given them a smoother function to reduce friction points between the halves. There is a model made of aluminum and stainless steel for both the 2-inch and 2.5-inch sizes, each of which can be switched between five different grinding plates from extra-coarse to extra-fine. This is my favorite weed control tool, but the big one is heavy and the small one no longer sticks to the fridge door.

Bohemian Chemist Proto-Pipe Collector Set

Pay homage to the days when you really had to take a hit with this sophisticated version of The Bohemian Chemist's proto-pipe. Proto-Pipes first came onto the market in the 1970s. It's beautiful and stylish with roots. The purchase link appears every day.

Magnetic Bag Company

We are still working on using the amenities at grass events. Until we get more tables and chairs, Kiffer is making do with one bag, this new magnetic shoulder bag. The Magnetic Bag Company is patent pending and attaches to metal. So the Terminator could wear this as a hip bag without a strap. Crazy, right? It costs $89 and has space for your water, pipe, and so on. That's a good thing because the floor is dirty and you don't want your nice things on it.

Mossy Giant “History of Cannabis” print

(Courtesy of Mossy Giant)Have a personality. Add some art to your life. (Courtesy of Mossy Giant)

For lovers of Hieronymus Bosch, artist Mossy Giant has this great print “The Grand History of Cannabis: The Dutch” on sale for a hefty £125 – which works out to at least $1 per minute spent absorbing all the heady details busy. It measures 44 inches wide and 26 inches high and was made in collaboration with Spanish social club La Creme Gracia. “The artwork depicts a short but turbulent time in the Netherlands – from around the 60s to the late 2000s, the Netherlands was the epicenter of what cannabis was worldwide during this time.” Limited to 88 copies stamped and numbered by the artist .

More art: A $30 zine or a $50 poster from the first cannabis mylar art exhibit, “Get to the Bag,” in San Francisco.

Air from Focus V

(Courtesy of Ariez) Alternatively, Focus V's Aeris portable dab rig offers a similar experience for $220. It's a dabber in your pocket and people love it. The whole thing can be paired with your mobile device to dial in these large hash clouds.


A chillum for $545, bro. (Courtesy of The Cave)

Mothership Rainbow Encalmo Chillum – This $545 chillum or hand pipe might be as close to a piece of Mothership glass as many of us mere mortals get. Maybe you received an inheritance or a raise. Be careful when running this hand pipe over concrete.

Studenglass electronic heater + bubbler the module Doc.

Hourglass Module Dok – You plug the Studenglass module into the Dok to vape hash or flower at a table or desk, priced at $449.

Salt glass cup. Yes, for drinking. (Courtesy of The Cave)

The Salt jarCreature Mug from The Cave – $1,500.

Leisure time – Worked Pillar Recycler – Yellow-Orange Elvis with Fire & Ice Retti. $2,000.

Leisure time. (Courtesy of The Cave)

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