Leafly Buzz: 13 Top Cannabis Strains Ranked for February 2024

Welcome to Leafly Buzz in February. We received your monthly bouquet of Fireflowers from the West Coast. But we're changing the format here in Buzz's third year. You have to keep it fresh. You have to keep it moving.

Let's go.

Data grinder

Tribes are like celebrities. One minute you're in, the next you're out. Here are four flowers that are on the way in February:

  • Grandfather Lila—⬆️ 5.1%. The grape tasting classic delights nostalgia fans.
  • Great Runtz—⬆️ 14.5%. A Runtz variety will remain successful in 2024.
  • Zoap—⬆️ 6.4%. Readers decided to include Zoap in our top 12 hot strains to smoke in 2024.
  • GastroPop—⬆️ 29.8%. The king variety from Compound Genetics is finding new fans.

New to the Leafly Strain database

The top 50 producers could release 20 varieties this year and we would easily have 1,000 new varieties to try. I guess that means there are no days off. Fresh in the database: a Jack Herer for 2024; and new-new from Umami Seed Company and Seed Junky Genetics.


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Selection of pharmacies

We're seeing some amazing flowers on the shelves in California this winter – just smoking hot remixes of the latest and greatest. Zoap fled into the wild. The next wave of RS-11 is here.

Fresh in stores

Top-class bestsellers

This February, dig deep to find some variety and treat yourself to some life-changing ganja. Check out our tasting notes on fresh produce from Wonderbrett and Ridgeline Farms.


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Bestsellers – inexpensive purchases

Winter is a fantastic time to snag fantastic, full-sun outdoor products for 2023 that are perfectly cured, affordable and on-trend. We're talking about Mule Fuel. Indoor delights this winter with a classic: Paris OG.

High note

Smoke the perfect strain for the new Bob Marley biopic “One Love.”

And this is the newer, tighter, chunkier and more modular Leafly Buzz. I hope you liked it! Let us know in the comments below.

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