Las Vegas Grass Visitor Guide 2024

In a few months, the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world will assert itself as the weed capital of the world. Las Vegas' seven-year-old legal cannabis program is a finely tuned machine, but this spring there's one last chance: nice places to smoke it.

Sin City is home to 70 dispensaries – all within 15 miles of the Strip – serving 45 million annual visitors seeking legal cannabis and 3 million metro area locals. Savvy entrepreneurs have also built a thriving industry around legal cannabis, ranging from ganja-inspired tour buses to 420-friendly yoga classes.

Read on to learn how to make your Vegas trip spectacular while seeing the best of what the city has to offer cannabis tourists in 2024:

What are the cannabis laws in Las Vegas?

Weed is legal for all adults aged 21 and over, but currently consumption outside of a private home is not permitted. That being said, Las Vegas police have more to do than arrest people who smoke weed in public or carry more of it than is legal. You won't be arrested unless you carry an exorbitant amount (think 1 pound or more). The worst thing that usually happens, if the officers even notice, is that you are told to get your blunt out and perhaps throw it away.

New in 2024: Nevada's possession limit has doubled. Adults can purchase up to two ounces of flower or a quarter ounce of concentrates per day from a legal dispensary.

“It's a special time for cannabis tourism in Las Vegas,” said Tick Segerblom, a county commissioner who, as a state senator several years ago, is known as the “Godfather of Cannabis in Nevada” for his role in promoting legal weed .

For detailed information on the law, visit Leafly's Learn Legalization page for Nevada. Also be sure to check out official government sources.

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In 2017, in the early days of recreational cannabis in Nevada, Sin City's licensed cannabis stores were popping up like bags of Orville Redenbacher. But after a roller coaster ride of ownership changes and a few closures, many stores have been in operation for several years and counting. Our most recent tally lists 70 operating dispensaries in the Las Vegas Valley, which includes the neighboring cities of North Las Vegas, Henderson and a tract of land in unincorporated Clark County.

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Check out Leafly Finder to find a map of licensed cannabis stores in Las Vegas.

What is the closest legal weed shop to Las Vegas Airport?


How to order weed delivery online from Leafly

The Grove – 4647 South University Center – has long been the first stop for 420 travelers when they get off the plane in Vegas. Located less than a mile from Harry Reid International Airport, it is open 24 hours a day and was one of the city's first dispensaries in 2015.

If you're looking for other options, check out nearby MedMen at 4503 Paradise Road and Pisos just north at 4110 South Maryland Parkway. All three stores offer online ordering for same-day pickup and typically have minimal, if any, wait times for walk-in customers.

For stores that have not advertised with Leafly, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board maintains a list of licensed retailers.

What is the best weed to buy in Las Vegas?

Oh, there's a lot of good stuff. Leafly has started offering professional reviews of cannabis in Las Vegas, and here are some of our top images:

Budtenders at some of Las Vegas' most popular dispensaries—Planet 13, NuWu, Reef, and Thrive—tell Leafly that they recommend Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue #4, Ghost Train Haze, and Jenny Kush.

The most popular brands include Green Life Productions and Medizin. We also like The Grower Circle and Polaris.

Nevada's top 10 strains in 2024 – based on Leafly strain detail page sessions per month – are:

In addition to flower, we enjoy Vert Unlimited candies and Vegas Valley Growers vapes.


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Illustration of the Vegas skyline at night (Chris Kudialis for Leafly)(Chris Kudialis for Leafly)

What should I do if I'm high in Las Vegas?

The possibilities are endless! Here are our best bets:

For an action-packed sensory experience, check out:

For a relaxed yet fun and sociable time in Las Vegas, try:

For some great Vegas munchies, head to:

Frequently Asked Questions from Las Vegas Weed Visitors:

Do Vegas pharmacies keep my personal information when they scan my ID?

They say they don't. And under state law, they are not allowed to do so. The purpose of scanning your ID is simply to have your information saved when shopping and to be able to identify you when checking out. Most stores will delete your ID from their system within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Are Las Vegas marijuana shops still cash only or can I use a credit card? How about ApplePay, Venmo, PayPal and cryptocurrency?

Money makes the world go round.

Most Las Vegas pharmacies accept debit cards, but some bank fees and charges are required. Pot shops do not accept credit cards or Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, crypto or anything similar.

Is plastic worth the convenience? Maybe if you don't mind spending a few extra bucks. But honestly, just bring cash if you can.

When will the grass lounges be open and operational?

Stay tuned to Leafly for the answer. Download the Leafly app and enable notifications. We will then ping you.

On April 20 of this year, at least three state-licensed lounges are finally set to open in Las Vegas: The Reserve at Nevada Wellness Center, Dazed at Planet 13 and Smoke & Mirrors at Thrive.

We have been waiting for this day in Las Vegas since 2017. The Nevada state legislature offered hope by passing a bill giving lounges the green light back in 2021. Three years later, there's still only one lounge: The SkyHigh Lounge on tribal land north of downtown Las Vegas exists thanks to a special pact between Nevada's tribes and the governor's office.

Can I trust the weed in Las Vegas stores?

Secure. In recent years, Nevada has issued several cannabis recalls due to faulty testing and excessive THC levels in the state's testing labs; a sign that the system is working. The state's Cannabis Compliance Board has been cracking down since 2022. Buy with confidence, the weed will be great.

Looking beyond Las Vegas?

Here's a map to some of Leafly's other top dispensaries across Nevada.

Still questions?

Drop us a comment to let us know what else you'd like to see in our Las Vegas visitor's guide and we'll take care of it!

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