“King of Dancehall” Beenie Man delves into ganja

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August 6th marks the 55th anniversary of Jamaica's escape from British colonial rule. On this occasion, we are proud to introduce MERRY JANE Presents Jamaica Week. All week leading up to Jamaican Independence Day, MERRY JANE celebrates the Jamaican people and the many great things the island has given the world – from music, dance and food to the Rastafarian religion, cannabis culture and good vibes.

One of Jamaica's greatest musical talents is Beenie Man. The 43-year-old Grammy-winning dancehall legend from Kingston is responsible for classic singles like “Who Am I (Sim Simma),” “Girls Dem Sugar” and “Dude” and has been rocking bodies since the '90s. As part of Jamaica Week, MERRY JANE caught up with the “King of Dancehall” to discuss his music, his history with cannabis and how he uses herbs to create hits.

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