Kevin Sabet goes down with the sinking ship known as the Marijuana Ban

Kevin Sabet has been eerily silent over the past few years – and it’s never good when a prohibitionist doesn’t cause a public tantrum.

It means they are planning!

Finally, after years of “silent Sabet”, he broke out on April 20 with his new book entitled “SmokeScreen: A General Bullshit That Follows”.

I don’t know the full title of his book, but I’m almost sure it’s just some “generic bullshit” hype that helps sell books.

Sabet published his book on April 20th because he said, “He’s taking 4/20 back!”

Back from who? It was never “special” until stoners were like “Brah – like 420 or Sumpthin” and the rest is history!

But I’m losing the overview here, we’re talking about the last “drug warrior” on the block, the Sabet himself, who under many presidents has served to prevent adults from their inalienable right to consume whatever they want.


Because of reasons! What he outlines in his book and available in a dumpster fire near you!

It’s all about money!

Sabet wants you to believe that legalizing cannabis is all about the money.

“It’s all part of commercializing marijuana – a way for people to benefit from it,” says Sabet.

But it’s not like that, is it? Sure, there is commercialization going on, and on some issues I am even inclined to agree with Sabet about the nature of the industry – especially with the monster corps that get hedge fund money.

However, cannabis is not all about money when it comes to those who use it to ease their chronic pain. It is also not about the money for the countless children who live free from seizures.

It’s not about the “money” for the black man who has been in federal prison for 22 years for an offense against marijuana, or the working mother who just wants to relax at the end of the day without drinking alcohol or the like to take.

Removing companies from the equation isn’t about money – and Sabet won’t. His beef belongs to the cannabis industry and his belief is that “as an adult, you shouldn’t have a right to choose what to consume”.

According to Sabet’s rhetoric, you are too dumb to make informed decisions about cannabis because companies are so smart that there is nothing you can do to defy their marketing tactics.

It sounds damn backward now, doesn’t it?

Now, when I use the word retarded, I am not referring to the mentally handicapped, but to a person of sound judgment and intelligence, but who has the capabilities of the mentally handicapped.

You see – I’ve corrected the word “Retarded” for context … You’re welcome!

Marijuana will make you kill yourself

What is forbidden rhetoric without a few martyrs putting on a mantelpiece?

In Sabet’s book titled “You Fuckin ‘and Other Reasons the Government Should Own You!” or something like that – it focuses on the suicide of a 29 year old who allegedly committed suicide because … you guessed it … marijuana!

Of course, this is just the personal account of one person who – I can almost guarantee – had suicidal thoughts before smoking cannabis. Maybe the individual had underlying psychological problems we wouldn’t know – because it’s just a story meant to humanize Sabet’s cause.

You have to be 1,000 years old to smoke weed because “Brains!”

It seems that even Sabet is realizing that the fight against cannabis legalization is a lost cause.

If marijuana needs to be legalized, Sabet said that it would certainly be better to move the legalization age to 25 or even 30 years than what we have now. We know that the brain is not fully developed until age 25, and some scientists say 30 is more accurate. The older (for legalization) the better. It is estimated that increasing the alcohol age from 18 to 21 will save 50,000 lives a year. That doesn’t mean 18 year olds don’t get alcohol, but less, I guess. “

Did you see that 30 is more accurate!

According to this rhetoric, we should move the legal minimum age for alcohol consumption to 30 years, don’t you think? I mean, developing the brain and all that, knowing that alcohol causes brain damage – damn it could cause dementia!

Now he’s not wrong either. The brain takes about 25 years to develop. For “some people” it can be 30 years, for others it can be 20 years.

The 25-year metric for brain development is an “average” time the brain is fully developed. But if that was Sabet’s concern, he should be outraged by the sugar industry – this shit works almost the same as cocaine on a neurological level.

What about all those ADHD drugs that are being pushed down the throat of children? Surely meth has some negative effects on the developing brain?

Or does cannabis just have to be put under this control?

420 is a company invention!

According to Sabet – just like Valentine’s Day is a corporate money heist – 420 is nothing more than the commercialization of cannabis masquerading as “part of the crew”!

4/20 vacations “is another way for businesses to make money and ride the marijuana wave,” Sabet said. “They take every opportunity they can. It’s not just a holiday for people to smoke a little weed. It is up to companies to advertise and make money. Ironically, I don’t think the counterculture wanted that. “

Except that 420 was “cool” before companies thought cannabis was cool. It may also be true that companies are trying to capitalize on it – but so are beer companies on “St. Patty’s Day ”and we don’t see Sabet complaining about it!

Not your grandma’s pot!

Sabet warns that today’s pot is not what people think.

Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, and Wall Street are all benefiting from legalizing marijuana, Sabet said, lamenting the THC potency of contemporary marijuana “with all these cookies and candy and food, sodas, oils and blobs.” We don’t know what’s inside. Many Americans who advocate legalization have no idea that what they are advocating is not their vision of marijuana 30 years ago. “

I counter that with, “Whatever you buy in a store … do you really know what’s in it?”

What is FDA Approved, but is a Toxic Mess on Walmart shelves actually being sold commercially? I am sure that on your next trip you will be able to count more than 10 products that meet these criteria.

But here’s another counterpoint: “Nobody wants my grandma’s fucking weed – didn’t smoke!”

It was only when hippies went to the Emerald Triangle that the craft of cannabis production became a “thing”. Before that, most people smoked pitwort with a THC number between 4% and 8% if they were lucky.

Then came the Humboldt hippies and suddenly seeds from the Hindu Kush mountains found their way onto Californian soil and – well, how many varieties are there today?

The point I want to make here is that the reason we don’t smoke pit weeds is because pit weeds sucks, and someone who smokes cannabis could easily tell you.

This is the problem with non-tokens trying to gauge a cannabis habit.

Bottom line

Sabet may have been silent for a while, but to be honest – his latest book, titled “Same Shit Different Day: The Story of a Broken Record” or something like that – is the exact same worked-up argument with updated dates to adjust to his twisted view of the world.

Interestingly, Sabet could win more cannabis users if he advocated legalizing home growing and zero penalties for adults … dammit, I’ll even give him the age limit of 25!

If he works against “the man” he can be an ally of the cannabis user. He just has to speak out in favor of the “craft industry” made up of citizens who grow and sell one another.

But we know Sabet won’t do that. He has to save the world from the evils of marijuana, because without that – how else would he sell books?

I mean – his entire career exists simply because marijuana exists – and well, he owes us – the loyal users of what is known as cannabis – some credit for his success.

Because without Stoner as his personal Satan – who really is Kevin Sabet, with the exception of the uncool kid who was never invited to the parties but had wealthy parents – he vowed to become a professional political sphincter kisser for people’s delight kill that only i want to sit back and smoke a doobie.







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