Keep your spirits high with the ultimate stoner travel packages from the Happy Kit

The committed token must be prepared when it is on the go. The casual smoker can get by with just one pre-roll in their pocket – but if you’re reading this, you’re probably not an “sometimes” or “weekend” smoker, are you?

You are probably committed to the cause; part of the movement. You are committed to the green and take care of your sanity and wellbeing.

When committed cannabis smokers venture outside their homes, they bring everything they need to grind, roll, grab, and ignite their buds. Why? Because sometimes the only way to relieve anxiety or stress is when you are out and about – you know how on a hike or before you go to yoga or hang out with a friend.

Fortunately, everything you need to keep the peace now comes in a sleek, safe, and convenient carry bag. Happy Kit designs compact packs for the Dedicated Token so you can keep your pockets free while staying organized, prepared and in good health.

Happy Kits come in a variety of sizes, colors, and tools, each specifically tailored to your personal taste and style. Each Happy Kit comes in a sturdy zippered case that is shockproof, waterproof and odorless.

Helping others to find happiness internally as well

“I’m in the luck business,” said Moshe Klar, the founder and CEO of Happy Kit, to MERRY JANE. “Cannabis smokers needed something to make their lives easier. That’s how I first came up with the idea for the Happy Kit.”

As every token knows, money can sometimes buy happiness. But some people, namely younger people, have to wait until they are adults to try cannabis. Cannabis may be the solution to many of our problems, but it cannot fix everything.

Clearly understand that life’s challenges can be overwhelming, especially for teenagers. After witnessing a family member’s struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide, he dedicated Happy Kit to a bigger cause.

Happy Kit donates 10 percent of all online sales to U-Matter, an organization that helps teenagers overcome social anxiety, depression, and suicide. U-Matter combines education with self-confidence so that young people can recognize when they need help and how to seek it.

For the average toker on the go

The Happy Kit and Happy Dab Kit keep all the tools you need to sesh in a safe place.

The Happy Kit comes with a plastic magnetic sander, a metal poker, roll papers and filter tips, a doob tube to protect your joint, a 2.5 inch glass tube, and a one hitter tube for puffing in ninja mode.

If you prefer to dab, the Happy Dab Kit can be used without any problems. The Happy Dab Kit comes with a nectar collector, two (2) silicone wax containers, a swab tool, and a butane torch.


For the hardcore toker on-the-go

Extreme tolerances require extreme preparation. If you and the homies need good luck getting uplifted and staying, consider the Very Happy Kit or the Very Happy Dab Kit to cater to your needs.

The Very Happy Kit is a Hulk version of the standard Happy Kit. The Very Happy Kit comes with a four-part aluminum grinder that includes a kief lock, strainer, and top and bottom grinders so none of your precious weeds are wasted.

The Very Happy Kit also comes with a 4 inch Very Happy Pipe which is an oversized bowl for sharing the love between the homies, king size roll papers and filter tips, standard paper roll papers with filters, a doob tube, a silicone wax container , a concealed one-hitter pipe and a metal poker.


The Very Happy Dab Kit is designed for dabbers who perform these hits in beast mode. The Very Happy Dab Kit contains a glass steamer with a tree percolator, a titanium tip for the jar, a glass mouthpiece, two (2) silicone wax containers, a butane torch, a dab tool and a comfortable swab pad.


For the casual or toker with less tolerance for on the go

Yes, there are even happy kits for smokers who get their happiness in smaller doses or who like to travel light.

The Happy Kit Mini comes with a stealthy one-hitter tube, roll paper and filter tips.

Yes, there are even happy kits for smokers who get their happiness in smaller doses or who like to travel light.

The Happy Kit Mini comes with a stealthy one-hitter tube, roll paper and filter tips.

For dabbers there is the Happy Dab Kit Mini. This contains a silicone nectar collector, a silicone wax container, a swab tool and a dab mat.


Something for every toker

Happy Kit knows that every traveler has different needs. That’s why they also offer the Happy Pack Fanny Pack Kit and the lockable Happy Pouch.

Happy Kits, the Happy Pack and the Happy Pouch are also available in different colors: black, gray, green, pink, blue and beige. The colors available vary depending on the kit. So be sure to check each color to see which style suits you best.

After you’ve spread the love among your homies, you may need to replenish your supplies. Fortunately, Happy Kit offers refill packs for The Happy Kit and The Happy Dab Kit. Satisfied customers can also sign up to Happy Kit for monthly or bi-monthly refills.

The only way to inspire happiness to others is to take care of yourself first.

Self-care begins with treating yourself. So treat yourself to a happy kit.

To add a little happiness to your life, visit the Happy Kit website.

You can also follow Happy Kit on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

** This was done in collaboration with Happy Kit.

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