Is there a best way to get up? Here’s what you should know:

The more cannabis is adopted, the more products are brought to market. This is great for consumers, but can also be overwhelming for newbies who have never had any weed experience and don’t know where to start. Is there a best way to get up? The answer depends on what you define as best.

Marijuana use should always be fun and relaxing, whether you’re socializing with friends or using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Depending on how it is consumed, you can consume it in a healthy, discreet, or simply very effective way. Even so, you want to get rid of as much damage as possible.

Here are some of the best ways to get high:

When you don’t want to smoke a joint

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Many experienced cannabis users love to smoke their joints. The sensation of smoking is relaxing and quick to act, an itch that cannot be scratched by eating an edible. A pot brownie may be delicious, but it’s just not the same experience.

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Unfortunately, we now know that inhaling any kind of smoke is terrible for you, and while an occasional joint doesn’t do much damage, regular smoking can damage your lungs and affect your lifestyle. However, if you are looking for the feeling of smoking, options like hookahs and bongs are great solutions. While these methods are not perfect, they are less damaging to your lungs.

If you want something strong

What To Do If You Don't Like Getting Your Marijuana Foods?Photo by Margo Amala via Unsplash

When potency is on your mind, foods should be your first choice. While they don’t act as fast as joints, bongs, and vapes, what you lose in speed definitely make up for what you lose in strength.

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Edibles are very effective. In fact, you should be a little careful the first time you use them. Be patient and understand that your stomach lining is doing the absorption process and it is much slower than your lungs. However, if you are affected by your edible, you will be aware of it and feel the effects for a few hours.

When you want something strong and fast

Marijuana 101: Dabbing Wax Vs. Vaping WaxPhoto by Jason W Lacey / Getty Images

If you want something strong and fast, this is where you should dab. This highly concentrated wax requires some fairly specialized tools – a swab, nail, torch, some cannabis extract, and other items if you wish – and offers a fast-acting experience that hits with a lot of force.

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According to the American Addiction Centers, wax is twice as strong as cannabis flowers. It is common for new swabs to pass out after being hit because the strength of the THC lowers blood pressure. So, you know, take it easy. Dab somewhere you feel comfortable with friends you trust.

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