Is Hunter Biden why President Biden is concerned about marijuana reform?

President Joe Biden said during his campaign that his aim was to get cannabis reform in shape nationwide, especially if it meant that otherwise law-abiding citizens would not go to jail for it. “Nobody should be in jail for smoking marijuana,” Biden said at a town hall last year.

Although he never sided with the concept of full marijuana legalization, as a growing number of states are already doing, Biden promised his government would take seriously the decriminalization and deletion of the criminal records of those arrested for pot crimes . But it’s April already and he hasn’t lifted a finger on the matter. Vice President Kamala Harris says This is because Biden was so focused on “bringing people food, helping them stay in their apartments or at home, getting kids back to school, and getting shot in the arms.”

In the meantime, Congress Democrats want to push legalization at full speed. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said last weekend that they would do so with or without Biden. But that’s not possible. Congress must involve President Biden with his idea of ​​legalization. Otherwise, their efforts need nowhere. That’s if they can find a way to get a pot bill through Republican roadblocks, the filibuster, and other political gimmicks that Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell can unleash.

For the sake of argument, let’s say Congress succeeds this year in passing a comprehensive cannabis reform bill that will bring a taxed and regulated weed market to life nationwide. After all, Biden is unlikely to be quick to sign it because he’s not yet convinced that legalization is the way to go. Part of his concern could be the condition of his son Hunter Biden.

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51-year-old Biden has been making media appearances lately to promote his new memoir Beautiful things. The book deals with Hunter’s problems with drugs and alcohol, and the stories are on the dark side. Over the weekend, Biden shared troubling details with CBS Sunday Morning that would scare any parent – especially if you happen to be the leader of the free world.

“I spent more time on my hands and knees rummaging through carpets and smoking anything that looked anything like crack cocaine.” he said. “I’ve probably smoked more parmesan than anyone you know. I went once for 13 days without sleeping or smoking crack and drinking vodka the entire time. “

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Given what he’s been through with Hunter, it’s clearly possible that President Biden, who has already suffered the loss of a son, Beau, is concerned that marijuana may be a gateway drug to the problematic drug behaviors expressed in Hunter’s book could.

His reluctance to fully legalize marijuana could be that he has the best of intentions and does not want to add to the addiction of more Americans. After all, no president wants to be held accountable for millions of Americans crawling around on the carpet, looking for crack, and smoking Parmesan cheese. That would be a new low for a nation already plagued by the scourge of opioids and methamphetamine. So President Biden is probably a little skeptical when it comes to legalizing a substance he always believed was the training wheels for the hard stuff. It’s from the old school, a time when pot was associated with dodging hippies and the urban downtrodden.

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But now Biden has a thing for drug addicts. He said last year that they should be forced to go to rehab, not jail. But legal weeds still seem to make him pretty nervous. Perhaps this is why Senator Chuck Schumer wants the president to let him know why legalization is the way to go. “I would like to present my arguments to him, as many other proponents will do,” said Schumer told Politico.

One way or another, federal legislature has to convince Biden that statewide legalization of marijuana is unlikely to result in a country plagued by crackers who smoke Parmesan cheese. The President must be reminded that the legalization of alcohol decades ago made the substance safer for the masses to consume socially, and helped the majority of the population act responsibly. The same concept can and should be applied to marijuana, which is already legal this way in 15 states.

President Biden needs to understand the benefits of going legal and reassure himself that the only Parmesan problem Americans could suffer from if the marijuana ban ends is that we may consume more spaghetti.

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