Insights from Europe’s largest weed party – Spannabis 2024

The global cannabis conversation reached a new high last weekend with the 10,000-attendee Spannabis Festival in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Top packages like Dying Breed Seeds OZ Kush, Peach Ringz and Z 3.0 fetched 500 euros for 12 seeds. We are busy adding dozens of new varieties to the database. Check out other Day 1 and Day 2 highlights straight from the event, recorded live via Las Ramblas.

Further industry tips for decision-makers

Variety news for store buyers

Z strains dominated the flower and hash competitions. The Wizard Trees booth was so full you couldn't get close. RS-11 is hot. Zoap is hot. Leafly's coverage of strains and products hits the spot.

The current hash variety is called Piatella – a delicate, sticky, solvent-free hash with maximum terpy content.

According to leading cannabis economist Beau Whitney, California's legal operators now serve 47% of this market. New York has a shocking 4% market penetration, comparable to Spain under Prohibition. Vangst will release the 2024 Jobs Report by Whitney and Bruce Barcott in two weeks.

Global market outlook for business development

After rapid commercialization sparked backlash, Thailand is tightening its measures again.

Germany is full of decriminalization and medical advances.

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Judging by Abstrax's sales of e-cigarette accessories, markets that are heating up include Japan, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina.

Prohibited markets also contribute to this. Great Britain and Italy are making a name for themselves with hashish and seeds in the run-up to legalization. It's not binary. You have to be part of the underground now if you want to compete above ground later.

Cannabis is a field of endless possibilities.

DJ Muggs, Cypress Hill, at the International Cannabis Business Conference

Global Marketing

The discussion about cannabis genetics is global and social. Hash trends spread around the world in 30 days thanks to social media and the ease of sending seeds or clones or counterfeiting a brand.

What is your global marketing strategy? Executing international marketing campaigns has become an important issue for major flower and seed brands. Either you try to keep up with brands like Doja Pak, Terphogz, Alien Labs, and Mills Nutrients, or you eat their dust.

Living soil in cultivation

Living ground is a wave. Jeff Lowenfels presented the latest research showing that 40% of plant nitrogen comes not from the soil or bottles, but from cannabis plants cultivating and consuming bacteria. It's called rhizophagy. A future of strain-specific, useful bacterial inoculants is just around the corner.

Spannabis ran for three days from March 15 to 17 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. (David Downs/Leafly)

Seed technology

Seeds become easier. Regular male and female seeds are replaced by feminized, autoflowering, triploid and stabilized lines. If you are in cultivation or extraction and don't have a plan to take advantage of this technology, you will be pushed out.

Get to know the GastroBros

We learned the term “GastroBro” – a stoner who is also a huge foodie. Real marketing gains will connect cannabis and culture like food, art and music.

420 will be big in New York. The Astor Club is working with Archive Seeds on an awards show – The Billies – headlined by rapper Larry June. “How much did Larry June cost?” we asked. “A lot. A lot.”

The wise words of DJ Muggs

DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill – the closing speaker at the International Cannabis Business Conference – delivered a message of optimism, authenticity and courage.

“Cannabis is a field of endless possibilities. It's a fight – a fight. It is what it is. Don't be a little bastard. The strong will survive. It’s not just about getting rich quick – these people aren’t going to survive.”

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