I tried Delta-8 THC: this is what it feels like

Delta-8 THC is one of the hottest topics in cannabis right now. It’s a tiny cannabinoid that can get you high like traditional THC, but a lot less. It is found in small amounts in the cannabis plant and is often converted from other compounds such as CBD. If you haven’t heard about it, surely you will soon enough.

Reason # 1 that interest in Delta-8 is rising is its existence in a legal gray area: Delta-8 can be made from hemp, and thanks to the 2018 farm bill, cannabis with less than 0.3% THC is considered hemp , and everything that comes with it of course comes from hemp is legal nationwide.

That said, when you convert hemp CBD to Delta-8, you get a nationwide legal cannabis product that gets people high even though it’s less high than traditional THC. Some states have started regulating Delta-8 and some have not. Read more about what Delta-8 is and how it is legal in this article.

Reason # 2 people are so curious about Delta-8 because it’s supposed to be a much less intense, much more accessible experience than the high you feel from consuming traditional cannabis with THC.

So does it take you up? We put Delta-8 to the test for the people.

Is Delta-8 less intense than THC?

Delta-8 rubbersSmokiez Delta-8 rubbers. (Smokiez)

To test Delta-8-THC, I went to a Portland, Oregon pharmacy to get the 250 mg pack (ten 25 mg servings) of Smokiez Sour Blue Raspberry Gummiez. I chose Smokiez because their traditional rubbers are some of my favorites, which gives me a great comparison reference. Also, when trying out new products, it’s important to find reputable brands that you can trust to bring out the good on a consistent basis.

Since Delta-8 is likely to have less intense effects than regular THC, I decided to test it in separate doses of 50 mg and 100 mg, or two and four gums, respectively. The activation time on the pack was 45 minutes.

I took each dose on an empty stomach for the fastest exposure time possible, then allowed a four hour period to elapse as the foods are expected to peak within 3-4 hours. I didn’t use any other cannabis that day, so I assumed I was completely sober.

Here is my experience.

NOTE: The following experience is a single human experiment, not a true scientific experiment. Cannabis experience, frequency of use, and your body chemistry all play a role in deciding how high you will get. The consumption results may vary.

50 mg dose

I ate the first dose at 10:30 am and after about 30 minutes I felt the familiar head and body hum that let me know that there was some weed in my system. Or excuse me, hemp.

The first thing I need to know before talking about the Delta-8 experience is my tolerance. I chain smoke compounds all day every day, blobs being thrown into the mixture here and there. It would take a lot of grass to get me to the ground at this rate.

The opposite is the case with traditional foods. They always sneak up on me because I forgot I ate them and then BAM – it’s Couchlock City, USA. That’s why I usually stay away from them.

That said, normally a 50mg dose of edible would absolutely rock me to sleep in a couple of hours, but the Delta-8 gummies created a stimulating, energetic experience mixed with a good morning wake ‘n’ bake The result is a nice cup of coffee.


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It was almost like smoking a CBD-dominant flower joint that made you feel alert, clear, and ready for whatever obstacles the day might put in your way. Within less than an hour of eating those gummies, I was tied to Google Docs to shut down days of paperwork.

In all honesty, I expected to feel absolutely nothing when I ate these two gummies. I was ready to hate. But the experience with Smokiez Delta-8 rubbers got me into making music, dancing around my Airbnb and uttering sentences that writer’s block had choked off for over a month.

At times my head can get quite foggy from the weight of the news and personal fears of the world around them. It puts me in a state where it is difficult to approach daily life, let alone daily work. Cannabis is one of my remedies for this, and Delta-8 has the same benefits that I get from smoking a joint and telling myself everything will be fine. All without the sleepy decline.

It was, frankly, a really pleasant surprise. Something tells me Delta-8 might actually be as advertised. It could really be the weaker version of THC that makes cannabis more accessible to people with lower tolerances.

At noon the delta-8 high began to subside, and by 2pm the only sustained effects of the high were dry mouth and dehydration.


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All in all, I would say if I were to describe the high in one word: energizing.

I’ve never felt a dazed decline. I have never felt my body succumb to THC. Instead, I felt productive, motivated, and happy. It was the same kind of high I get from consuming strains like Apple Fritter, Super Silver Haze, and Chocolope.

This is in contrast to traditional foods where it’s only a matter of time before I’m horizontal on the couch with the Roku remote in hand ready to waste hours of my life watching Joe Budden podcast episodes on Watch YouTube. I popped some of these bad guys with Delta-8 and locked myself in Google Docs for four hours. Ernest Hemingway never could.

So yes, based on personal experience alone, I’d say Delta-8 gummies will get you high and that the high is less intense than smoking joints of traditional flowers or eating traditional foods.

100 mg dose

I ate the 100 mg dose of Delta-8 gummies at 4 p.m. When I keep it real, the experience felt just like the 50 mg dose. I wasn’t taller or anything, it was just the thing for a quick head and body hum that never resulted in a sleepy comedown, even as I moved into the evening.

I was cautiously disappointed – I thought boys were about to leave for the moon. In the end, it showed me that I could probably pop Delta-8 gums all day without feeling like I need a 48-hour nap to clear out the cobwebs I sometimes get from traditional THC.


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Does Delta-8 THC Get You Up?

Yes, Delta-8 definitely gets you high, but it was an easier high than I’m used to smoking joints, taking blobs, and eating regular foods.

These gums were definitely less intense than regular smokiez fruit chewing, and in the end I felt that Delta-8 could be great for people who want an energizing experience with cannabis but don’t want to smoke or use joints Blobs.

Or if you’re just getting way too high off joints and blobs and running away from cannabis and its many benefits, Delta-8 could be the training wheels you’ve been needing all along.

Most of the time, people expect food to be hit hard and for you to stay on the couch in slump mode. Perhaps Delta-8 is the solution to avoid this.

Or maybe it will be banned before we get a chance to see it.

Dante Jordan

Danté Jordan is a former member of the Leafly Subject Matter Expert team and is currently a freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to this little green flower. Contact him at Smokingwithdante on Instagram or at dantenetworks (at) gmail (dotcom). His website is www.dantejordan.com.

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