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The way people consume marijuana is changing, maybe you should think about mixing it up.

The classic stoner look is fading and the face of consumers has changed. Just 10 years ago, the concept of someone consuming weed was with a joint, a bong, or a bowl, but consumer trends have changed dramatically. Smoking is no longer the way people get high 50% or more, and it tends to be the over 50s who do it. No, vaping is on the rise and gummy bears are taking over a huge market. According to BDSA, a cannabis analytics company, 49% of people who use cannabis have used a gummy and 45% have used a vape.

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Vape technology has changed and become a preferred method for discreet cannabis consumption. It's easy for modern users to take with them to family gatherings, hikes and more… and it's moved away from the D-Bag image and more and more people are using it. Here's how to properly vape with a pen.

First check the load. If you are using a pen with a separate cartridge, make sure the battery is charged and turned on. Make sure the cartridge is securely connected to the battery. Then, if possible, adjust the temperature. Some rechargeable batteries allow temperature control. Therefore, set the temperature as desired.

Breathe in for the big moment. Press the button and inhale, or just inhale if the device does not have buttons. Breathe deeply and slowly to increase your pace and maximize cannabinoid absorption. This also ensures that you don't overheat the cannabis oil and damage the concentrate.

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When you smoke weed, the paper goes through a combustion process that produces smoke and toxins that are linked to cancer and other diseases. Vape pens heat the marijuana and create a vapor that can still have an odor but is much less thick and overpowering than smoke. The vapor from a vape pen typically does not stick to clothing and fabrics and can be quickly dispersed throughout the room in minutes.

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Legal marijuana users have stopped buying e-cigarettes after a disease epidemicPhoto by HighGradeRoots/Getty Images

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Many people argue that vaping is healthier than smoking flower, primarily because it avoids the combustion and smoke that are the most harmful aspects of marijuana.

Still, there are some risks associated with e-cigarette pens, particularly with the chemicals contained in the devices, whose side effects are still unknown and largely unstudied. It's also important to buy products from trusted sources, especially because of the strange vaping illness that emerged last year that affected hundreds of people.

While vaping marijuana is still vaping marijuana, the highs that vape pens produce are slightly different than what you would get from a joint. If you are not used to vaping, be sure to start slowly and expect a stronger reaction. Vape pens tend to have a stronger effect than joints, especially if the cannabis comes from a concentrate.

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