How to read while high

Marijuana can improve or weaken a variety of things and relax you. Although it is used for fun or medical reasons, sometimes you just want to relax and have a great experience. From Boston to Mountlake Terrace, people consume and immerse themselves in a film. Others hike, exercise, program, and more. And for some, they lose themselves in a good book. Here are tips for reading while high on marijuana.

Similar to any other activity while intoxicated, practice is what you really need to do to be successful. Marijuana can add many layers to reading, making the experience more enjoyable, and even helping you reconnect with reading if you find it difficult to concentrate on entire books.

Just like listening to music and reading, getting high and reading can contribute to a better mood. Once you make the right move, you will find yourself more relaxed and engaged with the story.

Choose the right book

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If you're just starting to combine weed and books, you don't want to start with lengthy literary novels. Try something that comes easy to you, drawing on something you read when you were young, or a genre that is easy and compulsive, like romance or horror. Good ideas include the Harry Potter books or something by Stephen King. A graphic novel can also be a really good starting point.

Say goodbye to the “right way to read”

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Reading lends itself to very ritualistic behavior. Some people prefer reading paper books and can only read when surrounded by complete silence. While there is no judgment, you will have more success if you can read in different situations. Train yourself to read in different places, even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes at a time. When you're high, try your best to read and have fun, and avoid stress if your mind can't keep all the words on the page.

Pay attention to the load

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The strain you smoke will impact your overall reading experience. Try to avoid drowsy exertions as these will make a relaxing activity even more relaxing and will cause you to fall asleep, which is great but doesn't really serve the purpose of this article. Choose a strain that is cerebral yet understated, something that will help you feel creative but also grounded. Ask your budtender for a light indica or sativa that won't cause too much anxiety.

Watch your dosage

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When you start reading weed, pay attention to your dosage and take a few hits to see how your body accepts this new experience. You can always smoke later if you need more, but it helps to start slowly. Happy reading!

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