How to prevent cravings from ruining your diet

All you need is to lose 2 pounds and maybe a little more on vacation—but you're worried your marijuana use will negatively impact you. Don't worry – we have a plan for you!

The average weight gain on vacation can be up to 2 pounds. Combine this with weight gain throughout the year and you have a new annual January diet goal. But what about your marijuana use and cravings? Not all cannabis products increase hunger. That's because not all cannabinoids activate the receptors that affect your appetite. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main cannabinoid known to increase appetite. But THC is just one of more than 100 active chemicals found in cannabis. However, if this is the case, here's how to stop cravings from ruining your diet.

Buy your favorite healthy snacks

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Although many people are not fans of healthy snacks, they are an effective way to curb cravings and there are actually many good snacks out there. Be sure to try lots of different things, from flavored popcorn to nuts to pickled vegetables, which are surprisingly delicious during a craving.

Prepare snacks at home

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If you have cooking skills, you can make some easy and delicious snacks at home, such as homemade chips, eggless cookie dough, or pudding. You can find more ideas here.

Eat before you smoke

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Although this plan can backfire and result in double your calorie consumption, you can try eating a filling meal before smoking. This prevents your body from going crazy with cravings. However, be sure to keep your brain busy with something else to minimize the chance of eating twice as many servings.

Plan, plan, plan

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Before the craving moment, be sure to clear your house of temptations and throw away anything that contains calories and that you consider a weakness. Stock up on healthy foods or plan a cardio workout before your scheduled smoking session. While this requires some foresight, it is the best way to ensure your diet stays on track and your cravings stay under control.

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