How delivery works for weed in California

California residents have enjoyed weed delivery for years. Unfortunately, for the rest of the country, life isn’t quite as sweet. Cannabis is not yet legal nationwide, and nationwide legal cannabis delivery is still a distant dream for most stoners. California offers a glimpse of what other states can expect in the future. Here’s a look at exactly how weed delivery works in California and what it took the state to get where it is today.

Cannabis delivery service

The delivery of cannabis works in a similar way to traditional food delivery services. Customers place an order online through an app or website. Then a courier takes the order and delivers it to the customer. Cannabis delivery is a straightforward service that creates improved accessibility for those without access to transportation or nearby pharmacies and is far more than a luxury or a convenience. For many people, cannabis supply is the only way to acquire weed, which makes it a vital service for many people with chronic illnesses.

Cannabis delivery services were legalized in California in 2019 following a change to Proposition 64. Ultimately, delivery services have also been able to operate in the regions where local governments have tried to ban the canna business. While legal nationwide, there have been some minor setbacks from certain local communities trying to prevent the cannabis industry from growing. While officials in these areas claim not to allow the supply of cannabis, Prop 64 passed otherwise. Even so, it is legal for drivers to deliver to customers in all regions of California, and county officials cannot enforce these local restrictions.

How does weed delivery work in California?

Since its inception a few years ago, weed delivery has mainly been accepted by Californians. As a convenient and necessary service, cannabis users have seen exponential growth in cannabis delivery since 2019. In particular, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for delivery services, with people everywhere staying at home and socially distancing themselves. Weed delivery has allowed many people to keep using the products they rely on without endangering their safety or that of others by going to the pharmacy.

The Golden State Grind

Its popularity is expected to continue to grow even if the world is reopened for the time being. The supply of cannabis is a trend here that is continuing. The ability to purchase weed online in California allows Californians to consume cannabis with ease. Life in California can be tedious as high rents and constant competition keep jobs reasonably scarce. As a result, many Californians are self-described workaholics. Californians love the convenience of being able to sit back and have weeds delivered right to their door.

Delivery against retail

Why would someone at legal pharmacies across the state prefer delivery of cannabis to personal visit to a retail store? Here are some of the pros and cons of each of these options for buying cannabis:

advantages disadvantage
delivery No traffic
No petrol money
Same day delivery
Daily online offers
One-to-one service
Lots of product information
Items cannot be physically inspected prior to purchase
sale Interact with budget tenders
Take a look at the products in person before buying
Few offers
Long waiting times and queues
High prices

Final thoughts

The supply of cannabis could be a distant dream for some. However, if you live in California you can already enjoy the luxury of having weeds brought to your front door! Regardless of where you live in California, you can place an order online for cannabis delivery. A courier and your premium products will arrive at your door within a few hours. Delivering cannabis is quick, reliable, and often cheaper than buying it at the pharmacy, and will be the next big thing in the weed world for some time.

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