How cannabis changes your perception of time

When you relax and perhaps consume some marijuana, it seems as if time stands still. THC actually plays a certain kind of mind trip game, which explains some of the stereotypical “gap” associated with a high and keeps us in our heads (and in the moment). Why is this happening? Well, here's how cannabis changes your perception of time.

The Fresh Toast – Once you've consumed it, you'll still love it. Here you can find out how cannabis changes your perception of time.

Of course, like any mind-altering substance, cannabis affects different people differently, but in most cases, marijuana slows down our perception of time to the point where we enjoy and perceive everything around us in the moment. Artists often use this phenomenon to create more work in one session or to feel more in tune with their art.

All in all, cannabis is, if nothing else, a potency drug. It improves the taste of food, the feelings we experience in both our minds and bodies, funny situations, and much more. All of this is related to the exaggerated slow motion that allows us to see what is happening in our immediate sphere.

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Have you ever taken a dab and gotten the “wah-wah”? It's when your head feels like a balloon and all you hear is “wah, wah, wah” and maybe some whooshing noises, like something out of a Charlie Brown cartoon. This is perhaps when time slows down the most as a very strong high sets in and pushes the price even higher.

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Although there are not many studies on the subject, the studies that have been conducted show that cannabis users perceive time more slowly, regardless of the dosage. If someone who is stoned asks about the estimated time that has already passed, they will inevitably overstate the amount of time.

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The study, “Acute Effects of THC on Time Perception in Frequent and Infrequent Cannabis Users,” measured the subjective effects of cannabis on its users using performance-based time estimation tasks. It states: “Consistent with the reported subjective slowing of time under the influence of cannabis, people administered cannabinoids consistently overestimate duration in time estimation tasks…Consequently, cannabis smokers' perception that external time passes more slowly is consistent with internal, subjective time, which passes more quickly.”

THC affects the part of our brain responsible for perceiving time, which is why we perceive time more slowly when we're stoned. In summary, cannabis users experience this effect because the body's internal clock is accelerated.

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