How can kief be used medicinally?

Medical marijuana has helped with post-traumatic stress disorder, inflammation, anxiety, and more. Although more medical research needs to be done, it has properties that can make a difference. But do all the components of grass help? How can Leif be used medically?

The term kief is derived from an Arabic word meaning intoxication or pleasure. Most of you probably know what cannabis is and the purpose of various cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. There are also other compounds in and on the cannabis plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, trichomes and other cannabinoids.

What is kief, what is its connection to cannabis and is it medicinally useful?

About kief and its connection to cannabis

Kief is the term that describes the shimmering crystals found on cannabis flowers/buds. Kief often covers cannabis buds, giving them a shimmering, crystal-like appearance. When cannabis buds are ground, kief will build up in the grinder if the grinder has a separate filter to collect it. Kief usually takes a long time to build up, especially if you want to make a cannabis-infused recipe with kief as the main ingredient.

Additionally, it is relatively common for people to create their own cannabis-infused products that contain kief. In order to accumulate as much kief as possible, specially made kief boxes or similar devices can be purchased. These are used to shake off kief from various cannabis buds. However, depending on where you live, you may be able to purchase kief from a cannabis dispensary.

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In areas where there are medical or recreational cannabis programs, many dispensaries sell kief separately. So instead of waiting for the kief to build up over time, one option is to skip this lengthy process and purchase a few grams of kief from a pharmacy.

Medicinal benefits of kief and its uses

On average, kief is not only strong, but also relatively easy to collect and convenient to consume. A few hits of kief can be extremely powerful, especially for those who are new to it. In most cases, kief reaches around 50 percent THC. However, some of the purest kief extractions can reach up to 80 percent THC. Kief also has terpenes and various cannabinoids, both of which are present in high concentrations. Due to the high concentration of THC and the amount of terpenes and cannabinoids, kief can provide significant medical benefits.

People who consume high-THC cannabis strains to treat various medical conditions are ideal candidates for kief consumption. Kief can serve as an alternative to cannabis flowers and edibles because it is more potent and can be added to various substances. For example, kief can be added to a freshly packaged bowl, added to a joint or blunt, added to a cannabis-infused recipe, or sprinkled into tea or coffee.

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For those who need immediate relief and/or have a high tolerance to cannabis, consuming kief can provide the desired results. Even if you don't want to burn unnecessary plant debris/remnants and/or don't want burned material to get into your lungs, consuming kief is a common alternative. Aside from using kief alone, there are other uses such as converting it into hashish, making rosin, and making moon rocks.

All in all, if you want to consume a very potent part of the cannabis plant, kief might be right for you. Or if you want to make your own homemade cannabis and/or kief-infused products, know that it is definitely possible, cost-effective, and ultimately worth it.

Make homemade cannabis-infused edibles with kief

Additionally, certain steps must be taken before creating cannabis-infused edibles. First, decarboxylation of cannabis is essential for the proper preparation and production of cannabis-infused edibles. Decarboxylation of cannabis is a process in which a carboxyl group is removed through a chemical reaction and carbon dioxide is then released. Additionally, cannabinoids found in raw cannabis flowers contain an extra carboxyl group or ring. Once a certain level of heat is applied over a period of time, THCA (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid) converts to THC (a widely recognized psychoactive cannabinoid).

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Decarboxylation of cannabis ensures that the consumer gets the most out of their cannabis. Although humans decarboxylate cannabis buds, it is also possible to decarboxylate kief. Overall, decarboxylation of kief is relatively simple and quick and is becoming more common, especially as many people are interested in making their own cannabis-infused edibles.

In general, it is recommended to decarboxylate kief before using it to make cannabis edibles, butter, or oil. When this happens, users can get the most out of their kief. The process of decarboxylation of kief is primarily used to make cannabis-infused edibles stronger while getting the most out of the kief.

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