How are Covid vaccines related to cancer and how can cannabis help?

Covid vaccines are in full swing worldwide as people get their push. Unofficially, reports of reactions to the vaccine have been profound, including death. However, long-term reactions are only just being discovered. If we dig deeper into cross-reactions and a study conducted in January 2021 (1), we can later determine a cancer risk. But how do Covid vaccines relate to cancer based on this new study?

Why is this vaccine really different?

In January of this year – while the vaccines were being introduced – an unrelated research project was published by the Sloan Kettering Institute detailing the immune system. (1) The discovery we reported earlier made a link between certain types of cells in the immune system and cancer. T cells, which are often depleted in certain diseases, ferment in order to use up energy in the event of an infection. The sting for Covid is the first “vaccine” that also increases T cells, while previous vaccines focused solely on B cells and antibodies. (2)

Covid vaccines and cancer(3)

How Covid Vaccines Increase Cancer Switching

If so, by joining records we will determine that people with an infection, whether asymptomatic or otherwise, have a specific response to the vaccine. T cells start to ferment. This can inadvertently increase the cell mutation if it is promoted out of control and oxygen deprives these cells. Interestingly, face masks cause a change in oxygen levels during exercise. (4) It is not known if face masks and Covid vaccines together can increase cell mutation if infection persists. In any case, cannabis can at least reduce the growth of cancer.

How cannabis regulates the cancer cycle

T cells use the Warburg effect during infection with the same mechanism as cancer (cellular mutation). However, this effect is powered by a messenger protein that cannabis can mediate. Our previous report describes how cannabis and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) can specifically prevent cancer. Fortunately, this type of prevention (PIK3 regulation) works without necessarily reducing the antibody response to the Covid vaccine. AT Cell Boost can be used in certain therapies. However, is this specific boost controlled enough to prevent rogue cell proliferation and metabolism?

The answer to this question will likely continue to be answered over the next five years after future cancer vaccines are released. (5)

THC and cancerTHC can switch off the cancer switch (Warburg effect) by regulating the messenger protein PIK3.

Let us know in the comments if you got a sting and how your body reacted. And look at that history to learn more about the Covid vaccines.


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