Here are 3 solutions to common cannabis suppository problems

When the average person thinks about taking medical cannabis, few imagine using it rectally (via cannabis suppositories). But if you’re really sick, or dealing with a serious illness, that’s exactly what you should be doing.

Unfortunately, some people get put off by problems they encounter, but it’s worth troubleshooting errors in using cannabis rectal suppositories properly. Ultimately, quality of life is most important, and suppositories can make all the difference in this regard.

If you are not using cannabis suppositories because of application problems or side effects, this article is for you. Here are some solutions to help you overcome problems related to cannabis rectal suppositories.

They don’t know where to get cannabis suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are not available anywhere on the legal market. They are a medical device and therefore cannot be found in provincial retail stores. For all the benefits they offer, cannabis suppositories are not regulated or recognized by the government. As a result, they are not available through medically approved manufacturers. If you need or want them, you have a few options:

Find a compassion club – Despite active enforcement by the Provincial Community Safety Unit, Canada still has a few compassion clubs and many offer mail order services. Because of their gray market status, you may need to prove you have a disease before you can buy anything. However, in terms of even dosing and safe product access, this is the best and easiest way to access cannabis suppositories.

Make your own – If you are physically able and have the environment, making your own cannabis suppositories isn’t very difficult. The hardest part will be finding or making your shapes. Dosing also requires trial and error. Of course, this method is not ideal, but with a little patience and a spirit of adventure it can be done.

Try a cannabis capsule – Depending on the material, cannabis capsules can sometimes be used as rectal suppositories. However, if you are going to go this route there are a few things you need to be aware of so that you can be prepared. Usually, suppositories release their contents slowly once inserted, but a capsule has to dissolve first. Note that when using a capsule as a suppository, the sudden release of cannabinoids may be more pronounced than with other methods.

Cannabis suppositories make you feel high and it’s uncomfortable

The effect you feel from a cannabis suppository often depends directly on where you place it. Basically, the higher you go, the higher you get. To get high from THC, it has to go through our liver. When a suppository is placed just behind the sphincter, it is absorbed by the lower rectal artery and ultimately bypasses it.

However, if you climb about two inches higher, the uvula can be absorbed by the upper rectal artery and this is metabolized by the liver. Since there is nothing like stomach acid or fire to break down the cannabinoids, they absorb around 70-85% and are super destroyed. If there’s one factor preventing you from using suppositories, here are some solutions to this cannabis suppository problem:

Take CBD at the same time – CBD can decrease the psychoactive effects of THC. More information can be found here.

Cut the dose in half – Cut the suppository in half lengthways with a sharp knife and try to use half the dose. This is a surefire way to reduce the effect, and since less volume melts in the colon, it’s easier to match the placement. When using cannabis capsules as a suppository, first freeze them for twenty-four hours, then cut them off. Store the remaining frozen half in a small container in the freezer.

Complaints and leaks in flatulence

It goes without saying that there are less invasive methods of ingesting cannabis, but few compare these in terms of health benefits. If you don’t use suppositories because of the application itself, there are some solutions to this cannabis suppository problem that you can opt for to make it easier.

Use leak protection – Accidents happen to the best of us, so be prepared for any eventuality. Extra protection means security, as easy cleaning is priceless. Farts can be embarrassing enough on their own, so cover your bum.

Rest after insertion – After rectal insertion of a cannabis suppository, it is important that you rest in a comfortable position. especially when leakage is a problem. Cannabis suppositories melt and absorb in the colon. Note, however, that some material will be ejected. After 15 to 20 minutes of lying or sitting, most of the product should be absorbed, drastically reducing discomfort and / or the possibility of leakage.

Reduce the size – Cut the suppository in half with a sharp knife and keep the other half in the refrigerator. To harden the suppository before insertion, run it under cold water. The goal is comfort. If this works, get a higher dose suppository and cut it down to the right dose for you.

Cannabis suppositories

Have you ever used cannabis suppositories? What are the effects? If you are comfortable, please share your experience in the comments. This topic may seem taboo, but remember, we all have bums, and if we talk about it, some of them may be saved.

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