Go to the horse race with cannabis

Home racing is an extremely popular sport. Last year over 45,000 races were held in the USA and Canada. The Kentucky Derby is the pinnacle of horse racing in North America, but most major metropolitan areas offer one option or another. Globally, it's a $400 billion industry with tens of millions of viewers. But do they go to horse racing with cannabis?

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The biggest horse racing party is the Kentucky Derby and the infield (the area inside the racetrack) is huge with beer floats, Mardi Gras bead shenanigans and maybe a touch of weed. While all smoking is banned at Churchill Downs, where the race takes place, e-cigarettes, gummy candies and more are making their appearance. The same applies across the country. But what about those in the race?

Horse racing is an intense activity for the animal, and increasingly horse owners are adapting human products (either medical marijuana or hemp) for their athletes. Rest, hydration, inflammation and pain control are all benefits to the horse when done in the correct dosage. In addition, it is seen as having the potential to calm a horse.

Like the human mass market, CBD is leading the way. However, the effectiveness and safety of some products is questionable because there is very little research and monitoring. Until the passage of the 2018 Farm Act, it was illegal to possess or conduct research on both hemp and marijuana. Like the NFL, owners should be aware that CBD and THC cannot be used in competition and that if CBD shows up on a drug test, the horse may be disqualified.

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With the replanning, more research should be done on the benefits of CBD and THC for animals, especially pets and horses. Before administering CBD to horses, horse owners should first consult a veterinarian.

Additionally, jockeys are banned from consuming cannabis while racing. This is in line with current global sports guidelines. CBD is used to aid recovery but cannot be used before a race, especially if you want to win.

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