German legalization begins on April 20th

With the legalization of cannabis in Germany, the global cannabis liberation movement has this April 20th. took several steps forward. But the details look like small steps up close.

German smokers and tourists can take part in a more legal, relaxed atmosphere that began nationwide on April 1st. The country's leaders have all but stopped condemning people for harmless cannabis use or possession. But don't expect any shops or smoke-filled clubs any time soon. Instead, prepare for cannabis to be covered by your insurance.

Read along for some insights from the first days of German legalization, fresh from the International Cannabis Business Conference.

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1) Legalization in Germany is not as liberal as in the USA.

“There is certainly excitement about German 'legalization'. I put it in quotes because many don't believe it is full legalization because there is no market for consumers to purchase cannabis,” Leafly CEO Yoko Miyashita, who spoke on the first day of the event, told the April 16, who was the keynote speaker.

Locals describe it as “Decrimin Plus”. You can grow three plants at home and social clubs begin, but at first they are pretty tame – you can't smoke together.

Keep dreaming, Germany

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2) Medical cannabis just won in a big way.

In the two weeks since legalization, the number of requests for cannabis prescriptions has increased significantly. As stigma decreases, patients come out of hiding in search of their safe and effective herbal medicine.

“Medicine will be big in Germany,” said Miyashita. “What Germany intends to do is that 'medical' actually means that it is part of the healthcare system, with reimbursement by insurance and distribution through pharmacies. Doctors can largely prescribe this.”

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Patients report that the compounds in cannabis can help with a variety of conditions.

3) The consumer knowledge gap is real.

Many older people still think that weed is dangerous. Germany will be there on day one when it comes to questions like “What is THC?”, “When do edibles work?”, “What is a “dose” of weed?”, “What can I use it for?” and the differences Vaping between eating and drinking.

“I would like to emphasize the continued need to educate consumers!” said Miyashita.

4) Germany is the domino

As an economic power in Europe, the decriminalization of Germany will trigger changes in neighboring states and countries. Germany is the heavyweight of the European Union – which shares similarities with the federal government of the United States.

Just as New Yorkers travel to New Jersey (but legally!), the EU enables frictionless movement between member states and with it cultural change. The Czech Republic, for example, has planned reforms.

5) Expect lots more details to emerge from the haze

More regulations will be introduced this summer, promising local restrictions on socially growing clubs and approaches to decriminalization. Berlin could experience a golden age of cannabis. Things could be slower in southern Germany.

Conclusion: Germany has just become a safe place for marijuana in Europe

Time to visit their beer festivals and reggae festivals and take a look at Germany's thousand-year history – it's safe for stoners to end up in Germany. Connect with like-minded people and keep the flame of cannabis culture burning.

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