Frequency infused cannabis and marijuana tarot cards caught up with Hollywood’s most famous psychic, Psychic Mary, aka Justine Kenzer, to talk about her frequency infused cannabis and how her new Cananbis tarot cards work. Thank you Justine for sharing some of her previous experiences and opening up about clairvoyants, cannabis, and healing!

How did you first get into clairvoyance and healing?

Becoming a professional psychological healer was never what I imagined what I would do with my life. My parents owned shoe stores. I started making and selling clothes very early, when I was 16 I was selling my jewelry and clothing designs to local stores. My whole life was planned as a fashion designer. However, since my father was customizing customers for shoes, he loved to inspire them with his intuition. While other children were busy with bedtime stories, I was psychologically tested throughout my day and taught how to program my subconscious. However, my dad never suggested that I be clairvoyant, he just wanted me to get a good job in sales (I’m joking that ultimately led to me selling spirituality to the masses). I attended fashion design school, started a clothing company, and when I was 21, The San Francisco Chronical called me a marketing queen. Still, the universe had other plans. I had moved into an eerie Amityville Horror haunted house and then moved out just as quickly. I went to have a psychological measurement at a reputable psychological center to make sure what was in that other house did not follow me to the new one. I then spent the next six years studying and developing my own psychic skills, but I was incredibly resistant to this psychic thing ever becoming a daily part of my life. I still believed that my ultimate goal was to become a famous fashion designer. In short, nothing worked in my life other than being clairvoyant. Always ahead of my time, at the beginning of the internet I started a website that was written for a full page in Glamor magazine. Further press and reading celebrities followed.

How did the psychological measurements turn into an interest in cannabis in the sense of a business idea?

Here’s the absolute weirdest part of me getting into the cannabis business. Pot was never my thing. It was my parents’ business and no one wants to do what their parents do. The first time I smoked weed, I stole it from my mother’s bathroom, where she kept a supply in a red patent leather bag. She also had lots of oregano-like herbs in plastic bags and foil in the freezer. The shitty part is when. I was getting older and my mother couldn’t find any, she went to my friends and asked them to get it and didn’t tell me about it. So you can see how I would have big problems with that. In all honesty, I started a tequila company and the pandemic hit and I had to turn around and I’m so glad it went that way.

How long did it take to develop and design The Psychic Mary Tarot Deck?

I’ve wanted to do themed tarot decks for 20 years. Surprisingly, the deck came together pretty quickly, but there were a few cards I had to ask my pot-smoking friends for help with. It was such a fun process to find the one that truly represents every card in the cannabis world.

Mary cannabis tarot cards

Can everyone use the cards or do you need psychological training?

I think the less mental training the better! This deck is designed to be used with your own intuition. And we all have natural intuition and we are all clairvoyant whether you realize it or not. If you’re using The Psychic Mary Tarot Deck, whatever you think this card means to you, then this is the answer. Your guides and teachers will help inspire and guide you. If you have to, you need to be after the book, you can use any Rider-Waite book or website definition to help you out, but I suggest that you don’t get into it and develop a relationship with the Deck by You a. ask a question and draw a card and let everything that is the highest and best message for you come effortlessly from this card and into you or your consciousness! If you could see what would you see? This is not what you imagine, it is what you see. In time, you’ll know what each card means to you.

What was a mistake you made in the cannabis field that you wish you could “overtake” for now?

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get in! It took me a minute to find a breeder I was looking forward to partnering with and who got what I did. Most importantly, I needed to find someone who had integrity. I couldn’t do this project with everyone. I had an ex who was very successful financially and who loved smoking weed. He died unexpectedly just before my growing partner came into the picture. I and my closest friends believe that he made this partnership possible.

What advice would you give someone trying to get into the cannabis space?

In all honesty, I sympathize with anyone who tries to break into such a crowded room. Having a fantastic product is of course a must. But how do you highlight this product and how do you get attention and people who buy it. I’ve always been a natural at marketing and I know that with every cell of my being I have something incredibly unique and very real. I also know that no one can copy it, but I patented the process to protect it.

Does cannabis change or even affect someone’s psychological perception?

I would never do a reading for anyone while using them. I made it clear that marijuana was never my vice. However, knowing what I know, I wanted to make the marijuana experience safer and while I was at it, why not help people with what they really want, which is to find answers and healing in their lives.

Does cannabis use help or harm you in your mental work? Does it open new horizons at work and help you see things more clearly?

When you smoke, drink, or take drugs, you open your awareness to any good, bad, or indifferent energy. All psychic ability, be it map reading, clairvoyance, or any other form of divination that one uses is communication with the mind. Spirits are those who have passed over to the other side. When we die we are still very much alive, we just lose our physical body. But just because someone has died doesn’t mean they can see or know everything. If someone was mentally or emotionally ill during their lifetime, chances are they are still struggling with the same problems on the other side. Just like you wouldn’t run into a stray cursing person on the street and take their advice, you want to be sure that you know who you are communicating with on the other side, whether or not you are using it.

Justine Kenzer

How can people contact you for a reading or a deck of cannabis tarot cards? Email, social media?

On you can find out more about me and learn more about Psychic Mary and get your own deck on @psychicmaryco on insta

Are there any discounts or coupon codes for readers? (no pun intended!)

Each of your readers who purchase a tarot deck will receive a free copy of Heal Your Relationship Space, Goop’s instant healing download that helps one detoxify one’s relationship space and get out of heartbreak in just 15 minutes (a value of 25 USD).




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