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April 8, 2021

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Oh April. Can you smell the moisture in the air? It is this particular season of the year that everyone’s favorite time turns into a whole month to celebrate the endless fountain of goodness that cannabis is. It’s 420 season folks. Let us celebrate.

To guarantee an epic 420, you need to make sure your stash is full. RYTHM has the premium vape goodies for flowers and full spectrum to really round off your celebrations.

Competently cultivated varieties that offer a wide range of benefits for body and mind are exactly what you will find when shopping from RYTHM.

L’Orange – RYTHM Sativa Dominant 500 mg full spectrum cartridge

Courtesy of RYTHM

Need a car as fresh as you are for 420? Look no further than the L’Orange Sativa Dominant 500 mg full spectrum cartridge from RYTHM. The L’Orange-Wagen, a strain-specific whole plant extract developed from a cross of Oregon Lemon x Orange Crush, offers an effect with a fresh, juicy taste.

Banana Treez – RYTHM Hybrid 1 / 8oz Premium Flower

RYTHM 420 MDCourtesy of RYTHM

Are you looking for a hybrid strain to stand out from? Meet Banana Treez, a perfect example of the luscious flavors and aromas that RYTHM is all about. Banana Treez is a cross between Banana OG x Lemon Burst and a premium strain that will make you dream of freshly baked banana bread.

RYTHM 420 MDCourtesy of RYTHM

The origin of this strain-specific plant extract from Cookie Face is a cross between GSC x Do-Si-Dos, which turns two classics into one deliciously illuminated strain. This relaxing indica makes a great vibe when you’re baking 420 or viewing your favorite cannabis-infused content.

Black Afghan Hound – RYTHM Indica Dominant 1 / 8oz Premium Flower

RYTHM 420 MDCourtesy of RYTHM

Would your celebration be complete without a nightcap of 420? This heavily indica-dominant strain is just the thing to start a successful day of 420 gimmicks. With a distinct peppery spice flavor, Black Afghan Premium Flower has the complexity to give your day the adieu it deserves.

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