Explore the depths of hemp with 3CHI's True Strains

The hemp industry’s growth isn’t slowing down any time soon. This makes it increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd. But for a company that doesn't seem to be a problem.

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3CHI's True Strains product line is the popular brand's latest innovation and proves this point. The line offers a range of tailored experiences that allow consumers to search for the different effects and potential benefits they hope to achieve and match those desires with a specific product. They have achieved this by using over 40 different cannabinoids in the True Strains products.

With something so exciting, we're excited to highlight these innovative offerings that will impress hemp newbies and hemp veterans alike.

True Strains products offer a completely different experience that will delight you again and again.

Enough of the excitement, let's get started.

Gummy bears from True Strains

3CHI's true strainsCourtesy of 3CHI

WARNING: Dangerously tasty, pleasantly euphoric.

With the extensive list of cannabinoids in each strain, these gummies offer an experience tailored to your individual needs. The taste of the gummies will make your mouth water, but don't forget that they contain intoxicating D-9 THC, so be careful!

The composition

Made from a variety of hemp-derived cannabinoids, these gummies provide an enhanced and far more varied experience compared to gummies that only use vegetable oil. The range includes four new options with 15mg of Delta-9 THC and a variety of smaller cannabinoids, perfect for those looking for a potent yet controlled experience. For the more adventurous, the 100mg gummies offer a deeper exploration of the hemp spectrum with their even more diverse cannabinoid profiles.

The new flavors

3CHI's true strainsCourtesy of 3CHI

Introducing the latest sensations: Cyclone, Bliss, White Lightning and Awesome Sauce.

True Strains' new gummies have a similar, enticing flavor profile, but differ in the type of adventure they offer. The uniform flavor of these strains ensures a consistently pleasant taste and allows the different effects of each strain to shine through. Whether you're looking for the invigorating high of Cyclone or the calm serenity of Bliss, consistent flavor excellence ensures you can stay focused on the unique effect of each gummy.

True Strains Vape Pods: Tailored Vaping Experiences

3CHI's true strainsCourtesy of 3CHI

3CHI's True Strains vape pods are changing the world of cannabinoid products from edibles to inhalants. These pods aren't just about enjoying hemp (although that is super fun); It's about experiencing it in a way that's tailored to your exact desires.

Tailor-made experiences

Each True Strains vape pod is a masterpiece of precision, offering a spectrum of experiences tailored to the individual's mood and preferences. From pods that enliven the senses with a burst of energy to those that gently lull you into a state of serene calm, the variety is astounding.

This level of customization in vaping is virtually unprecedented, allowing consumers to tailor their experience to the moment, whether for creative stimulation, relaxation or socializing.

Purity, quality and consistency

One of the most important things that sets not only True Strains but all 3CHI products apart from the crowd is their consistency. They have developed a brand new testing method (D-SPEC) to determine exactly what is in each product and ensure they are all made equally.


3CHI's essence of euphoria and well-being: True Strains gummies, focused blends and more

Every product, in every batch, is the same. Every. Singles. Time. At 3CHI, you can trust that you will receive the same experience and quality with every purchase. True Strains delivers this on an unprecedented scale for “blended” products.

3CHI ensures that all True Strains vape pods are free of common cutting ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerin (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG), vitamin E and medium chain triglycerides (MCT). This commitment to purity and quality means you enjoy only the best.

The 3CHI difference

3CHI's True Strains range is a bold statement in the hemp market, comparable in quality and innovation to the biggest household brands. This range clearly reflects the team's commitment to developing high quality hemp products that provide consistent and effective cannabinoid profiles.

Why choose True Strains?

True Strains by 3CHI is more than just a product line; it is a tribute to the plant. It offers a range of experiences as diverse as consumers themselves. Whether you are looking for relief, euphoria, energy or relaxation, True Strains offers safer and more consistent ways to explore the plant's vast potential.

All of their products are tested in-house before being sent to a third-party laboratory. This highlights how committed they are to providing their customers with the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

Find your true kind

3CHI's true strainsCourtesy of 3CHI

Immerse yourself in the world of True Strains and discover the unique effects of each blend. Whether through the nuanced world of gummies or the tailored experiences of vape pods, 3CHI's True Strains range is here to redefine your journey with the plant.

Join us in celebrating this innovative approach where purity meets individuality and each product promises a unique adventure.

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